BlazBlue Centralfiction Receives Update to v1.03

Arc System Works is still working hard, it seems, issuing patches to address the various niggles present in the latest title in their flagship series. This hotfix looks to address some of the minor irritations players have been experiencing.

Publisher H2 Interactive issued the following statement:

The following issues have been addressed and fixed as of the current update:

  • Fixed issue where the game's refresh rate gets fixated at a lower rate than normal upon setting to fullscreen for specific PC environments.
  • Attempted to fix issue where the game screen blacks out when set to fullscreen for specific PC environments.
  • Fixed issue where the game displays colors incorrectly for certain specific graphic boards.
  • Fixed issue where v1.02 was unable to replay recorded matches from v1.01, and have verified for both version's replay data to be able to be played back in this version (v1.03).
  • Added "Light bloom effects" On/Off toggle to Options. The default is "On" for the game, but users experiencing frame drops may wish to turn it off for better PC performance.
We are continuing to work to make the game better. We seek your kindest patience in this matter. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
Have you experienced any annoying bugs that you've been waiting to be addressed? Let us know in the comments below and keep your eyes peeled for more BlazBlue patch announcements coming to TSA as they are released.