Dr. Langeskov Bug Fixes - December 10th 2015

By Rebecca Smith, 1 year ago
Hello everybody! So we're just pushing out our first major bug fix patch that should solve a good amount of problems that a few of you have been experiencing! We don't hit everything with this update but we'll be along very shortly with the rest. We also added community avatars incase you want to get up in everybody's face with it!

See you soon!


• Completely reworked the physics calculation for the grappling hook.
• Added an alternate guard path variant for Hard mode.
• P completely removes ALL UI for screenshots (previously the map & guard pointers would remain).
• You can now paint your vehicle with the airbrush gun you find in the gallery.

Bug Fixes
• Added option for Y-Axis Inversion.
• Improved Tiger pathfinding.
• The elevator should now start much faster - please let us know if you're still experiencing this bug.
• Added option for mouse sensitivity.
• Colliders on the cliff segment are now much more forgiving.
• Lowered the frequency of the floor clipping issue.
• The flamethrower is back for those of you who noticed it was gone.
• Possible fix for achievement issues (if you're still having troubles let us know in the Steam Forum).
• Fixed several general clipping issues.
• Removed turret due to very buggy AI.
• Repositioned some valuables to make them easier to steal without crouching/awkward positioning.

• Lasers might have been improved? They might be worse? I don't know...
• Vehicle slowed down so that the scenery can be appreciated more.
• Dynamite now takes 50% longer to arm.
• Night vision enabled.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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