Related Achievements and Trophies Panel

By TrueSteam, 1 year ago
One of the benefits of being part of the TrueGaming Network is that we have large Xbox and PlayStation communities that have been busy creating achievement and trophy guides for games that are also on Steam.

While we have our own active guide-writing community (well over 5,000 guides have already been written!), it's handy to be able to see if achievement guides exist across TrueAchievements or TrueTrophies for the achievement we are going for.

To this end, we've just added a Related Achievements and Trophies panel to achievement pages that shows any achievements in non-steam platform versions of the game that match on achievement name:

Related Trophies and AchievementsRelated Trophies and Achievements

As you can see from this panel on Multi-Disciplined in Grand Theft Auto V, we show links to various other versions of the achievement on other platforms, along with a count of the number of guides.

Submitting game links and other game information

These links only appear if the games on TrueSteam have been linked to their appropriate games on the other sites, and the achievement names match exactly.

You can help us to build these links by posting in the new Game Information Forum.

The thread for posting links is here.

We've also moved some Game Information threads that were in Bug Reports into this forum to keep all these related game information threads in the same place.

We've already linked up 30,000 achievements to the other sites but we can do many more with a little help from you, our awesome community!

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