UTOPIA 9 - Update December 9th 2015

By Rebecca Smith, 1 year ago
Partial game controller support was implemented in the last update and since it was so well received we have focused an entire week on expanding the support even further. This means we have upgraded the game status to full game controller support!!!

We've also found time for a few bug fixes and added a few more achievements to measure your worth as a space tourist on Utopia 9.

We would love to see more of you guys chip in with feedback! So, please use the Steam forums if you run into any problems, have suggestions or just general feedback on the game :-)

• Medium mutants now carry a level specific weapon and a shield.
• Armors of medium mutants are now themed according to level resource.
• Added new two-handed level 1 Explosive weapon: Sticky Launcher
• Added weapons crate at end of Arrival Area.
• Increased amount of health spawned in buildings.
• Fixed bug where a Nemesis might not spawn if no medium mutants were present.
• Automatically generated nemeses are no longer shown on map.
• Medium mutants should now spawn in more reliably numbers.
• Stunning a fleeing mutant no longer causes irrational behaviour.
• Fleeing mutants will turn around to where the player was last seen when safe.
• Exhaust gun now has charge up sound/effect.

• Added: Tourist, Traveller and Globetrotter (Reach city 1, 2 or 3).
• Added: Law Enforcer, Contract Killer, Mercenary (Kill 50, 100 or 150 mutants)

Game Controllers
• Camera lookahead is now much smoother.
• Cursor now moves selection to hovered buttons.
• Controls dialog warns on duplicate button/axis input.
• Controls dialog now features joystick range slider.
• Joystick now remains orientation while not used.
• Crosshair fades away when aiming close to player with joystick aiming.
• Controls dialog now features Summary button for exporting controls setup.
• Travel Map has been upgraded and is easier to navigate with controller.
• Travel Map now supports tooltips for both mouse/joystick/keyboard navigation.
• Mutation screen now supports tooltips for both mouse/joystick/keyboard navigation.
• Character aims straight ahead when crosshair moves close.
• Tutorial Panels are hidden if custom controls have been set.
• Overall improved UI for controller support and in general.
• Fixed projectile deflection with Shield and Projectile Parry when not aiming.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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