I am Setsuna Fan Box Art Competition

By Austin Phoenix,
I am Setsuna Fan Box Art Competition 1

I am Setsuna was released earlier in the summer back in July and we’re really grateful to everyone who has bought and played the game. The developers of the game, Tokyo RPG Factory put their heart and soul into the game and if you’ve found the secret village on Mortholm Island then you may have seen some proof of this yourself. If you haven’t then journey to the North West to find a very special little village!

We’ve loved seeing your love and support for I am Setsuna, whether it be sending in your questions for a Q&A with the development team (which should be coming out soon), showing your support with a special nametag, sharing your music covers, fan art or just talking about your time enjoying the game. Thank you to everyone for buying and playing the game.
I am Setsuna Fan Box Art Competition 2

When we announced I am Setsuna, one thing that a lot of people asked for was a physical, boxed version of the game. Unfortunately, due to a variety of reasons outside of our control, a physical edition of I am Setsuna isn’t viable for us to produce. I can’t go into the details but that being said, we did hear you and thought about ways we could do something for fans of the game so we came up with an idea for a unique competition.

We would like to ask all artists to help us create some box art for I am Setsuna. Since the game is a digital only release, we’re going to create a special one of a kind physical game case for I am Setsuna for one lucky winner (and also give away a bunch of other prizes).

So here’s how it works:

How to get involved

I am Setsuna Fan Box Art Competition 3

Above is a size template for box art for a PC game case. Using this as a rough sizing guide, we’d like to ask all fans and artists to create their own fan box art for I am Setsuna! The fan box art can have anything on it as long as it’s related to the game I am Setsuna and contains no offensive imagery, so feel free to be as creative as you want.

Then all you have to do is email your artwork to us at [email protected] as an attachment (you don’t need to send us a high resolution version to enter the competition but make sure you have one available in case you win – minimum 1280x720, 300 dpi), along with your full name and have “I Am Setsuna Fan Box Art Competition” in the subject line.
I am Setsuna Fan Box Art Competition 4

Is there a prize?

Of course there is!

Once we’ve received all the entries for this competition, Tokyo RPG Factory will pick out their top four favourites. The number one favourite will win the following:

Grand Prize

• The winning fan art will be printed and signed by members of Tokyo RPG Factory and also be packaged as a physical, one of a kind PC game case.
• 1x very special one of a kind personalised message from Tokyo RPG Factory
• 1x Steam Collector’s Edition of I am Setsuna (including the Winter’s End OST)
• 1x I am Setsuna OST (on CD)
• 1x I am Setsuna t-shirt
• 1x I am Setsuna tote bag

Runner up Prizes

Three runner ups will also have their fan box arts printed and signed by Tokyo RPG Factory.

I am Setsuna Fan Box Art Competition 5

So how long do I have to submit my entry?

The competition will end on 7th November, 2016 so you’ve got a bit of time to create your amazing fan box art but don’t wait until the end and rush it (we’ve all done it in school!). Members of Tokyo RPG Factory will then pick their favourite entries as the winners of the competition and we’ll be announcing the winners on 14th November so keep an eye on your emails around then to see if your art work is one of Tokyo RPG Factory’s favourites.

You can click here to see the full details and T&Cs
I am Setsuna Fan Box Art Competition 6

We’d love to see what you guys can come up and feel free to share your artwork on Twitter and use the hashtag #IamSetsuna and we’ll retweet our favourites too.

Thanks again for all of your support and we can’t wait to see your fan box art entries!
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