Sky Nations Update - Wedges, Moon and Weight Adjustments

By Austin Phoenix, 3 months ago
Hey guys, a new small update is up.

A new moon has been added to replace the omninous floating sphere placeholder. New Wedges and Horizontal Wedges(H-Wedges) are available for most of the blocks that didn't have them before(see change log for a list). Quite a lot of weights have been changed for weaponised blocks and power related blocks, such as cannons and other types of guns. They are now much heavier across the board. Smaller ships in some cases will require more power and thrusters to compensate for being armed and larger gun heavy ships will obviously require more thrust or risk being slower to compensate for being decked out.

An issue with the Merchant King boss that made the asset files become corrupted/incorrect in some cases, which made his texture and offset wrong, has been fixed. A similar issue was also happening with loot crates and has also been fixed.

For the full change log see below.

How do I update?
The client will update automatically, the server files will be available shortly here.

Change log


• Added a new moon.
• Added Ice Wedge and H-Wedge.
• Added Dirt Wedge and H-Wedge.
• Added Stone Brick Wedge and H-Wedge.
• Added Sand Wedge and H-Wedge.
• Added Iron Wedge and H-Wedge.
• Added Red Brick Wedge and H-Wedge.
• Added White Brick Wedge and H-Wedge.
• Added Ancient Brick Wedge and H-Wedge.
• Added Ancient Slab Wedge and H-Wedge.
• Added Copper Strut Wedge and H-Wedge.
• Red Lanterns now place turned On.
• White Lanterns now place turned On.
• Missiles now do 60 damage instead of 70.
• Missiles fire every 10 seconds rather than the previous 5 seconds.
• Missile Pods within firing range of Gates are now disabled.
• Ammo Crates now weigh 15.
• Storage Crates now weigh 10.
• Artillery Cannons now weigh 12.
• Iron Cannons now weigh 14.
• Mass Generators now weigh 6.
• Battered Power Cells now weigh 12.
• Mounted Repeaters now weigh 4.
• Flare Launcher now weigh 10.
• Laser Cannons now weigh 20.
• Clamps now weigh 15.
• Gravity Sprint/Well now weigh 30.


• Fixed texture and model offset being wrong on Merchant King
• Fixed a crash caused by missing assets on Loot Crates.
• Fixed texture sampling on damaged blocks being blurry.
• Fixed copper telescope resetting to wrong sensitivity.
Austin Phoenix
Written by Austin Phoenix
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