Survarium Update 0.44c is Now Live!

By Austin Phoenix, 9 months ago
Survarium Update 0.44c

Survarium Update 0.44c is now live! Please find the complete list of changes in the update below. Have a good time playing the game!

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The List of Changes in Survarium 0.44c


- Team Deathmatch: you now get 15 points for a kill, but lose 5 points on death.
- Battles are divided into Random and Ranked[]. You can choose in which to play.
- The bot difficulty in battles for newcomers was decreased.
- The bots are now available in all game modes except "Artifact Hunt" and on all locations except London, Mamayev Kurgan and Vector Laboratory.

In the Random Battle mode:

- Both individual players and squads will be allowed;
- Any equipment tier is allowed;
- Battles are always 8 vs 8;
- Expansion of gear tiers during matchmaking is prohibited: if you are wearing a tier-6 gear, the game will match-make you into a 6-level match only;
- Instead of expanding the tiers during matchmaking the number of bots added will increase, but no more than half of the team;
- The player ranking in Random Battles is calculated individually based on ELO formula;
- The teams are balanced based on the player ranking, bots are added in equal numbers into both teams;
- As always, when searching for a game you can disable two of the four game modes;
- The results of the battle do not affect your progress in the Leagues;
- Based on the battle results you receive experience, silver, reputation with your faction and trophies (when victorious).

In the Ranking Match mode (Leagues):

- Only game characters of level 4 and above will be allowed;
- Only solo players will be allowed, no squads admitted*;
- Battles are always 8 vs 8 players;
- Expansion of the equipment tiers is prohibited: if you are wearing tier-6 gear, the game will match-make you into a 6-level match;
- Match making is based only on the gear tiers 4, 6, 8 and 10. If you equip tier-5 gear you will be matched into a 6th level match, if 7th – level 8, if the 9th – level 10 respectively;
- As always, the Leagues require a certain gear level for you to progress;
- The position of the player in ranking matches does not depend on that as in the Random Battles and is calculated individually based on the ELO formula;
- The teams are balanced as equal (in terms of summarized ranking of the players) as possible; the match-making continues until such balance is ensured;
- Choosing game modes is disabled;
- The battle result impacts your progress in the Leagues as follows (players are sorted based on the number of points gained in the match):
In the winning team:
- The top 4 players receive 1 star
- The 5th player receives 0.75 star
- The 6th player receives 0.5 star
- The 7th player receives 0.25 star
- The 8th player receives no stars
In the losing team:
- The 5-8th players lose 1 star
- The 4th player loses 0.75 star
- The 3rd player loses 0.5 star
- The 2nd player loses 0.25 star
- The top player loses nothing

User Interface

- Improved information about the point status in "Research" game mode (it's now clear which team captures the point).

Technical Changes

- A new monthly League has started. It will end as usual at the end of the month.
- Introduced a new in-game shop.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed an issue leading to the client crash while showing info about a bad connection.

See you on the battlefield!
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