Move or Die Version 5.0.5

By Austin Phoenix, 7 months ago
New patch is out!
Here is the complete change log so far:

  • Fixed potential booting problem on linux caused by line endings
  • Added Idle warning before getting kicked in a lobby
  • Added automatic friends list refresh
  • Added "Player Joined/Left" notifications in the in-game chat
  • Added options for chat profanity filters and AI sentience
  • Added more AI Bots chat lines
  • Added a new resolution option in the editor
  • Fixed the NSFW mutator on old GPUs
  • Added a "Devkit" folder with a bunch of source files for modders
  • Fixed a crash when leaving a local game with bots
  • Tweaked Sugar Rush level to accomodate Stabilizer mutator
  • Improved wording on game mode mastering progress bars
  • Mutator settings are now remembered in hosted lobbies
  • Grouped developer settings under an "Advanced" tab
  • Fixed crash related to underwater mutator
  • Added alert sound effects that play regardless of volume (can be toggled)
  • Fixed obscure bug with obscure controllers, seriously, use xbox or PS ones... please
  • Fixed a crash related to accepting invites
  • Unlocking hidden characters now working in the character selection screen
  • Allowed infinite scrolling for Yes/No in the mutator toggle pop-up
  • Fixed crash related to updating already published mods
  • AI Bots will now spam the ready button if you wait too long
Keep on playing, keep on finding bugs, and we'll keep fixing them!

Keep being awesome!
~ Nick (Xelu)
Austin Phoenix
Written by Austin Phoenix
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