SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell "Season II" Update is Out Now!

By Austin Phoenix,
Season II Update

Two months after the release, SEUM is ready for the first big update and sale!

• Cleansing of the leaderboards

The new update opens the gates of Season II by resetting all leaderboard scores. The best players from Season I will get their special place in the "Pit of Infamy" and will be remembered until the end of times.

• Replays

You can now watch replays of other players.

• Extended play

A free map pack with 11 new levels.

• More languages

Beer, Bier, cerveza, bière, piwo,????, or pivo... whatever you like!

To celebrate the beginning of Season II, the game is available at a huge discount of 35%! Now it's the right time to try SEUM!
Austin Phoenix
Written by Austin Phoenix
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