BallisticNG 0.5.2 - Track Creator Updates

By Austin Phoenix, 14 days ago
BallisticNG has just updated to 0.5.2, this is going to be the last update for 0.5 as there are big plans for 0.6. See below the changelog for information on that.

This update focuses mostly on the track creator, fixing a few problems and adding many new features!



- Tenrai Livery updated
- Wyvern Livery updated


- Custom ships no longer have mipmaps generated for them
- Fixed file browser not showing the last file
- Fixed first race in a custom tournament playing the last track first

Track Creator:

- Now supports playtesting with custom ships
- Added new playmode based options to the settings foldout:
* AI Controlled Ship
* Hyper Speed
* 2280 Mode
* Drag Track Flag
* Generate Speed Pads
* Weather
- You can now import custom textures and create custom environment lighting
- Jumpzones are now automatically generated in the editor if a split is given the jump flag
- Tunnel lights will be automatically generated for dark ambience in custom track sets
- Added smoothing functions for track wall/floor width and wall height
- Added new functions to the segment editor
- Added buttons for existing smooth functions (hold shift when using Smooth Pitch for Smooth Height)
- Fixed junction/exit nudge verticies being able to split
- Fixed UI elements sometimes not deselecting
- Select Next/Previous functions now works continiously
- The selection is now always sorted correctly
- Reduced width of the data viewer window


0.6 is going to be a big content update. Most of the tracks in the game are being remade because they are badly designed. Quite a few of the layouts are already done and now just need the environments modeled. 0.6 will also be introducing a tournament grid system, where you can setup your own grids that unlock in a radius as you complete events starting from the middle.

The first stable release of Multiplayer should be done with 0.6, the unstable branch will keep getting updates with multiplayer fixes in meantime.
Austin Phoenix
Written by Austin Phoenix
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