Pool Nation FX Gets a Lite Version

By Rebecca Smith, 1 year ago
Pool Nation FX has now left Early Access and is available in three different versions.

The LITE version includes:

• The ability to play online, but only 8 ball Pool, Play for Cash games with the lowest prize fund. And create match games.
• You can practice 8ball, 9ball or Snooker offline. NOT against the AI. This is a practice mode to hone your skills
• You cannot play online friendlies, leagues etc, or any of the other rules sets (9ball, snooker, etc)
• You are locked to a single aiming aid level (Standard AKA Pro aiming aid). But the rest of the Aiming Aids (lines) are unlockable by coins you can earn in game
The Offline Pack includes:

• ALL 11 Game types offline, including Speed, Killer & Snooker
• All Aiming Aids unlocked
• The full offline career - in 8 Ball, Snooker and 9 Ball
• Endurance Mode, a fast paced race against the clock mode
• The full customisable trickshot editor
• Local multiplayer mode: Versus.
• Fully customisable Rules
The Online Pack includes:

• ALL 11 Game types online, including Speed, Killer & Snooker
• All Aiming Aids unlocked
• Full Play For Cash Career where you start at $25 prize fund and work up to $100,000
• Leagues Online - in 8 Ball, Snooker and 9 Ball
• Friendlies Online - where you can create a private lobby to play with friends
• Fully customisable Rules
The LITE version is available for FREE. The Offline Pack is currently available at 15% off and the Online Pack is discounted by 10%. All versions can be downloaded from here and the offers end on December 14th at 10AM Pacific Time.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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