PAYDAY 2: Update 107 and the First Community Safe is live!

By Michelle-Louise Janion, 1 year ago
PAYDAY 2 information

PAYDAY 2 information


We're now live with update 107!

What's in this update?

The first Community Safe, small features, improvements and bug fixes!

Find out more on the website!:

A BIG thank you to all contributors to our Steam Workshop, so many great skins to choose from! But also, CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who got a skin into our first Community Safe! They look fantastic!

Also, if you've been waiting for a sale, wait no more! From now till September 4th PAYDAY 2, PAYDAY: The Heist and all DLCs are 75% off! PAYDAY 2 is also free to play for the duration of the sale! Have any friends who don't own the game? Tell them they can try it for free!

Update 107 changelog

Update size: 486.5 MB


  • Added the option to remap switching between deployables
  • Fixed an issue where the offshore casino would charge the double amount
  • Fixed that you now can see the second deployable in loadout
  • Fixed an issue where fire damage crit bonus would not trigger for clients
  • Reduced target focus if sentry gun suspects that the bullet may hit a shield
  • Fixed an issue where the slanted screen when carrying bags would not remain if exiting bipod mode
  • Using the angle mod on a sniper rifle, it is now possible to switch aim mode while aiming down sight
  • Fixed an issue where the rarity background of a skin would remain when scrolling through weapons
  • Fixed an issue where special enemies could be marked when dead
  • Fixed an issue where the ammo bag would not refill the proper amount of ammo
  • Fixed so that it is not possible to plant tripmines on some leafs
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when inspecting a weapon while in bipod mode
  • Fixed an issue where the downed timer would not pause when getting helped up by a team AI


Hotline Miami
  • Fixed an issue with Delayed Police Response asset being too long
  • Fixed an issue with the police ignoring the physics of a wall
Hotline Miami day 2
  • Moved some cameras that was clipping with walls
  • Added collision to prevent player from entering a spawning room
Car shop
  • Fixed an issue where players would get stuck behind a door
Firestarter day 1
  • Fixed an issue where signs would not spawn correctly
  • Fixed an issue where the escape and secure VO would not play correctly
Hotline Miami day 2
  • Moved some cameras that was clipping with walls
First World Bank
  • Moved a briefcase that was stuck in a table
  • Fixed an issue where players would get stuck behind a plant
  • Fixed an issue where players could survive the lab explosion when using specific perk decks
The Alesso Heist
  • Fixed an issue where the cutters could be duplicated
  • Added collison on a door that prevents police from shooting and walking through it
  • Fixed an issue where the team AI would get stuck behind the snack bar
Firestarter day 1
  • Fixed some overlapping textures
  • Removed an invisible collision on one of the roofs
Boiling Point
  • Fixed an issue with the collision of the SAM site
Framing Frame Day 3
  1. Added a collision to prevent bags from getting stuck

  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to get Stockholm syndrome triggered when being downed by a Taser or a Cloaker
  • Disabled the ability to use stockholm syndrome while writing in the chat
  • Fixed an issue where Hardware Expert: Aced skill would remain after being removed
  • Sixth Sense: Aced, fixed an issue where the cleaning cost reduction would only work in stealth
  • Fixed an animation issue when using Close By: Aced
  • Fixed an issue where Combat Medic: Basic would not give the correct amount of damage reduction
  • Fixed an issue where Aggressive Reload: Ace would trigger on non lethal head shot
  • Fixed an issue where Painkillers: Aced would not give the correct damage reduction
  • Fixed an issue where Running from Death: Basic would not give the correct reload speed bonus

  • Fixed an animation issue for the Repeater 1874 when using Aggressive Reload: ACE

  • Fixed an issue where “I ain't got time to bleed” would trigger when using the Chain Whip
  • Fixed an issue where “BAAaa... *BANG* ...aaAAH” would not trigger
  • Fixed an issue where "Commando Crew" could trigger after the ten minutes have passed
Happy heisting!

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