ShipLord Update - December 8th

By Rebecca Smith, 1 year ago
ShipLord has received an update that adds controller analog support and balancing changes:

• Energy collection time is increased by 0.3 sec
• Difficulty on levels 1-4 are drastically decreased.
• To proceed to boss battles you'll need to get a Wood medal, down from Gold. (The plan with the gold medal to unlock the boss was to force you to get used to the game, and collect enough upgrade points to advance further, because without upgrades at later stage in the game the game becomes substantial harder. )
• Boss 1 difficulty is reduced slightly.
• Enabled controller support. Analog stick sensitive movement. You can use abilities with Controller buttons 1/2/3.
• Fixed collision on boss1, it's now much easier to avoid bullets that were hitting the back side of the player ship.
• To unlock bonus boss you'll need to finish all bosses on any difficulty level (down from diamond).
• To unlock bonus levels you need to finish all levels on gold difficulty or higher.
• Fixed unlock all achievements bug (smaller bug fix preventing you to get "all ships unlocked" achievement).
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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