Golf With Your Friends Hotfix 0.0.95H1

By Michelle-Louise Janion, 11 months ago
Hello everyone,

A few quick fixes, let me know if you find any issues and ill get right on them.

"Add new maps" is not an issue.
The other 2 guys are hard at work on the haunted mansion and its our main focus at the moment.

Thanks for the support and your patience, we appreciate it!

Full changelog:

[Adjusted] Jumping, use ramps as an advantage to gain more height, time your jumps to gain additional height

[Improved] Load times by 3 seconds

[Fixed] Lighting in pyramid
[Fixed] Camera no longer detects players as "in the way" and wont glitch out
[Fixed] Large cube getting stuck in hole 9 tubes
[Fixed] Falling through the ground on practice
[Fixed] Jumping out of bounds now resets you properly
[Fixed] The game will now kick the user if the game was started while the player was still joining the room, stopping connection issues
[Fixed] practice text not showing when playing in practice
[Fixed] Text on lobby disappearing when loading level
Michelle-Louise Janion
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