Dungeon Defenders II Patch 14.5: Don't Fear the Sphere, Dear

By Michelle-Louise Janion, 5 months ago
Dungeon Defenders II screenshot

Here are the notes for Patch 14.5!

Bug Fixes

Sky Dragon’s Fury
  • We fixed this weapon doing one damage. It wasn’t cool, so we told it to stop.
Medium Sphere
  • Experience Bonus Sphere fixed
Large Spheres
  • Bewitching Hour Sphere fixed
  • Boost Blockade Health Sphere fixed
  • Charge Primary Sphere fixed
  • Crane Stance Sphere fixed
  • Dragon Stance Sphere fixed
  • Empowering Calm Sphere fixed
  • Extra Flame Damage Sphere fixed
  • Fire for Effect Sphere fixed
  • Fight Me Not Sphere fixed
  • Lightning Damage Sphere fixed
  • Long Range Sphere fixed
  • Powerful Spears Sphere fixed
  • Shiny Spokes Sphere fixed
  • Spiders Kiss Sphere fixed
  • Steam Powered Sphere fixed
Excited for the Lavamancer? He's coming on Tuesday! (Are we still doing phrasing?) Check out his official trailer below for more details:

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