Munch's Oddysee 2016 Updated With New 'HD' Audio, Brightness Tweaks, Other Fixes

By Austin Phoenix, 1 year ago
Hi Oddworld fans.

Once again, thanks for your patience. We continue to work on and refine our new port of Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee now it's out of beta - our latest updates and patches include:

1 - Much higher quality (bit-rate) sound effects throughout

2 - The inclusion of the newer audio from Munch's Oddysee HD

3 - The game now runs at 60 FPS

4 - Movie player now plays back cut-scenes in 4:3 to avoid cropping

5 - New saves will have brightness and gamma levels that better match the Xbox original (and the older port). If you have an existing save, set the brightness to 0 and the three gamma sliders to 4.


We're continuing our quest to build back in European language support, other 'HD' models and textures and are committing to fixing any outstanding bugs or issues - please use the stickied thread in the Steam forums to let us know your thoughts and findings:

Thanks, once again,

Austin Phoenix
Written by Austin Phoenix
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