Red Trigger Update 2

By Austin Phoenix, 9 months ago
Hi everyone!

A new update is now available! I hope this will make the game better for you all!

Here's a list of all changes:

- It is not possible anymore to simply hit the Escape key while in the main menu to start the game directly. This should also solve the glitch about the timer not starting
- Added an option to allow you to deactivate the automatic camera flip when you're getting propulsed horizontally
- The last update seemed to have a glitch where the menu music continued in some instances when playing. This should now be fixed
- Added some collisions in Level 8, there were two walls behind that the player could simply go through
- As some of you may know, the collisions aren't great in Unreal for fast-moving objects. That causes some problems, especially for the horizontal Red Triggers that are supposed to propel the player. The most problematic one was the first one you encounter in the beginning of Level 6. The layout is now a bit different, and makes the interaction much more solid

That covers it all I think! Thank you for your patience, and I hope you can now enjoy the game even more! Let me know if you have any more feedback, and I'll do my best to fix it!

Note : I'm still looking how to save your preferences in the options, as well as to how to let trading cards drop on a Free To Play game. Thank you for your understanding!

And now, game on!

Austin Phoenix
Written by Austin Phoenix
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