Spiral Knights Iron Guild Hall Update

By Michelle-Louise Janion, 1 year ago
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Spiral HQ “Hall Edition” is back and looking for some DIY knights to help revitalize their guild halls. Only the most advanced guilds can work together to create a hall that other knights would be envious of. Use the new Iron and Copper furniture to create your very own place to train, strategize, or hang out.

Release notes:

  • Guild Hall upkeep prices have been significantly lowered.
  • The Activities panel now gives you an option to see a list of all open Guild Halls.
  • New guild hall furniture available. Copper and Iron items will rotate weekly. If what you're looking for isn't there, check back again.
  • New guild hall theme “Divine” is available.
  • New Rain Storm environment
  • New ‘empty’ room: Chess Board.
  • New Modular counter tops added to birdsong. These attach seamlessly to each other to allow you to create custom counters, barriers, etc.
  • Guild Bonds: A ticket which turns into crowns once deposited in a guild’s treasury. Guild Bonds are not tradeable.
  • Behind the scenes changes to update our libraries.
Chess Mini Prize Box:

Spiral Knights have always been strategic thinkers. What better way to brush up on those skills than a game of chess? Chess Minis are objects that can move anywhere in guild hall even when you’re not in design mode and will snap to the squares in the chess room. Each box contains a chess piece for your guild hall. The Chess Mini Prize Box is available in the supply depot through August 8th. Your move, Knights!

Guild Hall Prize Box:

Spiral HQ has collected a stash of items to help guilds add those special touches to their hall. Even the elusive Chromalisk may find a home in your guild hall. The Haven Treasury is offering Guild Hall Prize Boxes through Aug 8, 2016.

In these boxes, you may find the following items:
  • Chromalisk pet
  • New Floor Monitors for all your knightly dance club needs.
  • Furniture items from Almire
  • Furniture items from Moorcroft
  • Modular Countertops
For details, head over here.
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