Life Is Strange|Get Episode 1 for free|Mac+Linux Release has arrived on Steam!

By Michelle-Louise Janion,
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Episode 1 of Life is Strange is now available entirely for free for everyone! This awesome news applies to all OS on Steam - That's Windows, Mac and Linux, the latter two of which have just today also been released! And to celebrate the occasion, we've created a brand new trailer just for you…

By making the first episode of Life is Strange free, we're very excited to be able to open up Life is Strange to a host of new players and really look forward to seeing their reactions to the game throughout our vibrant community; A community who has continually supported and helped us win a tremendous amount of awards, including the BAFTA for Best Story, the Peabody Award, the Golden Joystick's Performance of the Year and The Game Awards' Games for Impact Award (plus over 75 Game of the year awards and listings).

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We have always maintained that our community of loyal fans and followers are a big part of what makes this game so special and we're sure that all newcomers will be welcomed with open arms. If you haven't already, join us on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube and Instagram, but please do remember to not post blatant story spoilers for at least a little while…

For those fresh arrivals of you playing on Steam, we've created a new spoiler-free forum for you so that you can discuss episode one and beyond without having to worry about accidentally seeing spoilers.

We know that many of you will have already have played through Max and Chloe's story, but this is the perfect opportunity to bug your friends about experiencing it too. Now they won't have an excuse to not give Life is Strange a try. So let them know about this awesome news and they'll be on their way to Arcadia Bay in no time!
Michelle-Louise Janion
Written by Michelle-Louise Janion
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I am a bit of a lone gamer as I tend to steer clear of PvP, and only play multiplayer with close friends.
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