Garry's Mod July 2016 Update

By Austin Phoenix, 10 months ago
A new update has been released!

This update is optional, however it is strongly recommended that server owners install it.
Clients will automatically update via Steam when the game is restarted.

Peer-To-Peer Listen Servers
Servers that are created via the main-menu's "Start New Game" button can now be connected to via Steam's P2P networking. This means that - on most networks - friends are able to connect to each other's games without any special network configuration being required (e.g. port forwarding).

To use it, all you have to do is use your friends list to join/invite a friend!

Queued (Multi-Core) Rendering
This isn't finished yet, but queued rendering should be pretty robust now. Any changes in performance are entirely dependent on your hardware and the scene being rendered.

You can enable it by running a few commands when you launch the game (press Shift+Escape to open the console):

gmod_mcore_test 1

mat_queue_mode -1

cl_threaded_bone_setup 1

Other Changes

• Added mat_requires_rt_alloc_first ConVar from upstream.
• Lua console commands are now removed when disconnecting from a server/changing level.
• Replicated Lua ConVars are now properly synched with the server.
• Scripted weapons now function correctly when switching to a weapon with no ammo.
• Clients will no longer be disconnected with the reason "CL_CopyExistingEntity: missing client entity".
• Crouch-jumping will no longer cause the screen to flicker after a certain amount of server up-time.
• Fixed rare crash that occurs when increasing the outgoing network buffer size for game-state snapshots.
• Ropes no longer cause the game to not properly close on exit.
• Fixed issue that could cause the "GetLuaTable != TABLE" crash to occur on level change.
• file.Find() now sorts its results properly. The default behavior is unchanged.
• HTTP() no longer leaks request references and won't crash if the Lua state is destroyed during a request.
• Some security fixes.

You can find a full changelist here.
Austin Phoenix
Written by Austin Phoenix
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