War Thunder Event - The Battle of Kursk

By Austin Phoenix,
The Battle of Kursk

From 15.00 GMT on the 5th of July until 07.00 GMT on the 8th of July
Take a part in the reconstruction of the Battle of Kursk!

The event will be in the RB and SB game mode with historical vehicle setups. You can find it in the “Events and Tournaments” tab of the game's main menu.

The Battle of Kursk, which began on July 5th and lasted until August 23rd, 1943, was the largest tank battle in the history of mankind. According to official data, roughly two million people, six thousand tanks and four thousand aircraft were involved in it.

After the Battle of Stalingrad, the results of which encouraged Soviet troops to go on the offensive, the Germans strove to change the situation and planned their own offensive operation in the summer of 1943 to change the course of the war. German leadership had their disagreements on this count: if Keitel tried to bring Hitler around to the idea of a general offensive, Guderian and Model opposed this. It was known in the German HQ that the Soviets expected the Germans to mount an offensive in the summer of 1943. However, the decision to launch Operation Citadel was taken nonetheless.

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