Bit Blaster XL V2.06 Patch Notes

By Austin Phoenix, 1 year ago
Bit Blaster XL - V2.06 Patch Notes:
• New Video options menu. Allowing in game changing of resolution and Windowed mode. Located in the options menu. (experimental, should recognize your monitors compatible resolution, fingers crossed)
• Coins now reward triple the score once all ships have been Unlocked
• Adjusted the bullet spawn slightly on all ships, so that it is slightly forward from where it was before, should make no difference to gameplay but does make a slight visual difference and showcase the little muzzle effect that was mostly unseen before.
• The borders of the game now correctly adjust based on resolution changes and this should now correctly adjust to bigger or weird size monitors
• Added new indicator at the end of a round showing how many coins you currently have (if you haven’t unlocked all ships)
• Tuned the Joystick control on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One gamepad to allow even more sensitive turning with an analog stick (make sure to let me know if this cause over sensitivity on anyone's less generic gamepads (constant turning etc.) and I will address ASAP)

Thank you everyone for playing and sharing the game with your friends and family. If you are really enjoying Bit Blaster, make sure to leave a brief Steam Review and let others know to check it out.

-Adam Nickerson
Austin Phoenix
Written by Austin Phoenix
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