Block N Load Update 2.9 - Custom Games, Matchmaking, and Boosters

By Austin Phoenix, 1 year ago
Block N Load Update 2.9

The latest version of Block N Load brings changes to the matchmaking system which should help improve the quality of matches plus additional options for Custom Games. Of course, there are also a number of other improvements and fixes to go along with it as well.

Some of the key changes in this version include:

Custom Games
Custom Games have received some new functions to make them more interesting and easier to find players to join matches on player made maps from the Steam Workshop.

It is now possible to allow players to join a Custom Game even after it has been started, once a Custom Game has finished the host of the custom game can choose to take the game from the scoreboard back to the match setup screen, and new options to adjust the size of the Brick Wallet Cap along with the number of Bricks that each Hero starts the match with have been added.


A number of changes have been made to the matchmaking systems to make them more flexible. We’ve used existing data about the people currently playing Block N Load to set the starting points for these, and hopefully you should see some better matches formed as a result.

XP Boosters
It is now possible to purchase boosters that increase the amount of XP you gain from completing matches in the in-game Shop. Each booster will run for the amount of time specified and during the time it is active will let you earn XP for your Heroes and Player Level faster.

4th of July Arena
Additionally, as this update is coming out on the 4th of July the arena "E Pluribus Unum" is making a return to Casual Mode rotation and Custom Games.

It's time to party like it's 1776!

For the full patch notes click here.
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