By Austin Phoenix,


Greetings MechWarriors,

The Free Rasalhague Republic continues to be the shore upon which the bulk of the Clan Factions have broken; Clan Ghost Bear and Clan Smoke Jaguar are all but devastated, reduced to controlling only their regional capitals. As Clan Wolf fights to maintain their ground, Clan Jade Falcon has torn through Steiner territory with the strength of the falcons claw, ever-focused toward the shining jewel of the Inner Sphere.

The Inner Sphere is fractured; there is no doubt. The time has come for Operation Frontline.

To all Clan and Inner Sphere MechWarriors alike; do not allow inter-Factional conflicts and grudges to blind you to the true enemy. The most honorable goals and the most lucrative rewards are not to be gained from fighting among yourselves for minor territories. The true fight is for the very foundation of the Inner Sphere itself. Look to the frontlines. Look to the true enemy.

The focus of Operation Frontline is strictly upon Clan vs. Inner Sphere battles.

Battles which pit Clan vs. Clan or Inner Sphere vs. Inner Sphere will not contribute toward the Goal Conditions for this Event.

Warriors of the Inner Sphere, send your forces to augment the frontlines and break the tide of the Clan Invaders.

Warriors of the Clans, focus your combined strength against the Inner Sphere freebirths and achieve victory.

If your Faction does not have a direct Attack Lane against the opposing side, you must use the Call To Arms system to fill the ranks for critical Clan vs. Inner Sphere battles.

Whether you're a veteran of Faction Play or a green recruit, this event is a great opportunity to jump into the fray, help tip the balance of power, and earn some excellent rewards!
Austin Phoenix
Written by Austin Phoenix
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