Savage Lands Game Update #39, Build, is Now Live!

By Austin Phoenix, 11 months ago
The original Sundered Isle's content, which utilized Unity 4, has been moved to a Legacy Branch allowing players to access their old save data and continue playing the old content as they wish. Transferring save data between the Main game branch and the Legacy game branch is not supported.

Big Changes:
Spears, The First Dungeon: Carta Sul, and More Lore!

New Features & Patch Notes:

Spears! This new two-handed weapon type has been added and is now ready to be crafted! There is also a unique spear named ‘The Needle’ hiding somewhere in the world…
The First Dungeon: Carta Sul is ready to be explored by Savage that are not scared of what they might find in the dark underground of the world.
15 New Pieces of Lore! 14 of them are scattered about Freydalyn while the last one is located on Jormungahr.

New enemy variants have been added to the game:

• Blighted E’ks have been added to Shudderwood, Freydalyn.
• Glacial E’ks have been added to Northwind, Freydalyn.
• Goats have returned to the game and can be found in mountainous terrain in Freydalyn.
• A new unique skeleton, Yignol, can be found in the Ruins of Carta Sul.
• A stronger, spear using variant of the Decayed Skeleton has been added to earlier parts of Freydalyn.
• Stronger than average, spear wielding standard E’ks can be found in the forest of Eldar.

New items added! Here is a list of all of the new items that have been added or adjusted:

• ‘Eriandhor’s Cleaver’ is a new unqiue two handed axe that drops from Eriandhor.
• A returning weapon from the legacy server called the “Flesh Ripper” is now hidden somewhere in the world…
• The unique shield, ‘The Shield of Unity’ is a chance drop from Yignol.
• Forest Giants no longer drops their Souls and the Crystal Skulls gained from them are no longer obtainable. Instead, each Forest Giant guarantees drops a unique Rune.
• The portal from Freydalyn to Jormungahr now requires the 4 unique Forest Giant Runes instead of the 4 unique Crystal Skulls. All Players who had certain Crystal Skulls previously should find them converted to an equivalent Rune.
• The Legendary sword, Shadowshroud, no longer drops off of Drackonus. Instead, he drops Shadowshroud’s Hilt 100% of the time, which allows dedicated Players to craft Shadowshroud via a Dragonforge and 250 Shards of Drackonus.
• Shards of Drackonus now have a 10% chance of dropping off of any standard creature in Jormungahr.


• New icons and art added to the Journal.
• New art added for Lore items.
• New art updates for multiple buildings.
• The art for Portals have been updated to be one-sided.
• Fog is now closer to the player and also increased to change the atmosphere.


• Enemy spawners have been have been adjusted for a new difficulty flow on the islands of Freydalyn, and Jormungahr.
• Build collision was added to all of the trees to prevent building on trees.
• Certain ambient props located throughout the world that weren’t destroyable / burnable previously now are. This includes burnable hay stacks.

• New doors were added to all of the houses for better visual and to fix holes on the top and bottom of the previous versions.
• Build Collision added to all of the houses, crafting stations and anything else you can build in the game.

Bug Fixes:

• Fixed crashes for any older items that were removed by Design and were still present in players save files.
• Fixed build cursors always being red.
• Fixed the chat window disappearing issue.
• Various crash fixes.

Known Issues:

• LOD issues with certain objects.
• Enemies popping and not pathing correctly.

Next Up:

• More Performance Updates.
• Item adding and balancing continues.
• More art and design updates to the new world.
• Bug fixes.
Austin Phoenix
Written by Austin Phoenix
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