Town of Salem Patch 1.4.4

By Michelle-Louise Janion, 1 year ago
Hey Townies,

This is a small patch to add in the Kickstarter, and Angels and Demons items.

Kickstarter Items!

Crimson Reaper - This cousin to our R-A-F reward has a unique death animation that reminds us all that you can't beat Death

Town of Salem card

Millicent Moneybags - Milli is an affluent member of the town, and wife of Montgomery Moneybags

Town of Salem card

Sir Hamlot - Sir Hamlot is the fanciest of all the piggy banks and is always chock-full of cash.

Town of Salem card

Angels and Demons Purchasable Items

Uriel -This angelic warrior is ready to charge into battle, and has an escape plan for when things get to hot.

Town of Salem card

Cerberus - Cerberus is a three headed demon dog who has a bite much worse than its bark.

Town of Salem card

Infernal Portal - A portal to the afterlife that has an ominous and unsettling glow to it.

Town of Salem card

Angelic and Demonic Lobby Icons - Show of these icons in lobbies to show which side you support!

Town of Salem card

General Improvements

We added in a list of the rules for the game in layman's terms a bit early. It was meant to be added in in patch 1.5.0 but we finished it early and decided to push it early.

We also added a rotation of tips that will show up on the screen when you are assigned your role.

Mobile Bug Fixes/Improvements

• Fixed a bug causing players to get a message that they had no internet connection.
• Fixed a bug that caused a player to be timed out for being AFK when they weren't.
• Fixed a bug that caused the game to use the incorrect gender pronouns based on the skin the player was using.
• Fixed a bug where the sound during Name Select, and the Role Wheel was not playing.
• Fixed a bug which made the countdown timer in the lobby not make any sound.
• Fixed a bug where after a player would enter their name their cursor would be stuck in a phantom text field.
• Fixed a bug which caused the Congratulations popup to not popup after a Town Points purchase.
• Fixed a bug where Town Points would not be updated on the Client after a Town Points purchase.
• Fixed a bug reports made on mobile had the incorrect reason on them. Reports were still made, and processed though.
• Fixed a bug where the incorrect or no houses would show up when using certain maps.
Improvement mobile connectivity

If you are a Kickstarter backer expect your code to be coming soon, and be sure to keep up with the updates on Kickstarter!

We will now be shifting even more focus on to patch 1.5.0 now. If you haven't seen the preview yet, check it out here:
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