The Steam Summer Sale Starts Now!

By Austin Phoenix,
The Steam Summer Sale has started! For the next 11 days*, take advantage of discounts on thousands of products, including games, videos, and software, as well as the exclusive Summer Picnic Sale trading cards.

*Discount offers end July 4th at 10 AM Pacific Time unless otherwise specified.
It's that time of year for all of us to say goodbye to our savings, drain our wallets and collect hundreds of games that we will never play. The Summer Sales are here with over 13,000 titles on sale across Steam, including Steam related hardware. No discounts on the HTC Vive sadly...

With the sales come highlighted deals that we will update here for the entirety of the Summer Sale down below. It seems that the picnic ingredients do not include a mini game, daily deals or flash sales that the previous Summer Sale had. With over 13,000 titles on sale though, it's safe to say this basket is still packed full with refreshing discounts.

Don't forget to also take this opportunity to increase your Steam Profile level to unlock those showcases! Who doesn't like customization? Steam Event badges such as the Summer Sale and Winter Sale badges can be leveled infinitely, both normal and foil, provided that you have the cards required. You will obtain 1 Steam Summer Sale trading card for every $9.99 (or equivalent) spent on the Steam store during the sale. You may also earn up to 3 free trading cards daily simply by exploring your queue.

Highlighted Deals:

June 23th -
June 24th -
June 25th -
June 26th -
June 27th -
June 28th -
June 29th -
June 30th -
July 1st -

Check back daily for updated news or further developments regarding the Summer Sale.

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Written by Austin Phoenix
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