Defender's Quest DX Patch #3.5 -- Version 2.0.3a

By Michelle-Louise Janion, 1 year ago
2.0.3a is up now on the default branch. I've optimized even more things.

- Windows: YES
- Mac: YES
- Linux: YES

- Optimized tooltips (shouldn't cause a pause when drawing anymore)
- Optimized healer (square) range previews with the same trick
- Optimized circular range previews
- Optimized menu health bars on the side panels
- Optimized status effects & AOE attack effect sprites
- Optimized collision logic

In case you were wondering -- the range previews are most likely the cause of the stuttering during boosting & selecting defenders. Menu health bars were a hidden drag on performance as they get updated a lot, especially at 16x speed, and of course status effects & AOE sprites are everywhere. And collision is at the very core of the engine. I'm interested in seeing how the optimized version performs.

Please let me know if this improves performance for you.

Also, whenever posting an issue or bug report:
PLEASE include the exact version number you see on the title screen in the lower right hand corner.

Sometimes the steam client doesn't download an update, or I just haven't rolled the update out for your operating system yet, and it's very important to know whether the version you're having issues with is the same one I've just "fixed" or not.

This build seems stable so I will now roll it out to Mac & Linux as well (and our other stores, I haven't forgotten you, GOG customers!)

There's more work for me to do in optimization and in general bug fixes, I'm just going down the triage list from most to least severe. Thanks to everyone who's been reporting issues.
Michelle-Louise Janion
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