Road Redemption Gets Huge June 2016 Update

By Austin Phoenix, 1 year ago
For Windows Users (Mac & Linux update coming later this week):

-New User Interface
-Faster load times
-Huge graphical improvements
-Much improved controls
-Much improved physics
-Much improved game camera
-Brand new massively improved AI
-New Skill Tree, fully rebalanced.
-Many new weapons.
-Unlockable bikes and riders
-Rain and other environmental effects
-New mission types
-Character voices
-Allied characters
-Gun-wielding enemies
-Enemy gangs have gang leaders that you face at the end of each zone.
-All new classic mode levels
-Mr Money is back, and joined by his friends Mr. Nitro and Mr. Health
-Nitro/Health/Weapon/Jump Jet Pickups
-Weapons no longer have durability, there are now weapon groups that you upgrade. You buy the upgrades in the store, and this improves your weapon drops in game.
-Swords now deal massive damage to enemies who are not wearing helmets. They also decapitate them.
-Powershielded enemies
-Much much more
Austin Phoenix
Written by Austin Phoenix
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