This War of Mine Update 2.2.2

By Austin Phoenix, 1 year ago
This War of Mine Update 2.2.2

Update 2.2.2 is finally here!

What we've changed?

Major fixes:
• "Grab all" crashes (yes, there were two of them!) are now fixed
• Quitting the game after subscribing to a mod could crash the game - this is no longer a case
• Children appeared at your shelter even though you don't own DLC? It's fixed!
• There was a download issue with the mods - files didn't download after subscribing a mod. It is resolved!
• Changing mod status in Steam Workshop was crashing the game from time to time. It should not happen any more.

Minor fixes:
• Character photos adjusted (some of them were bugged)
• Fixed the animation when a character is coming back from scavenge
• Fixed some smaller interface issues

If any issues persist - please let us know via: [email protected]

Thanks for your patience and amazing support!
Austin Phoenix
Written by Austin Phoenix
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