PAYDAY 2: Day 1 of the Biker Packs!

By Michelle-Louise Janion, 1 year ago
PAYDAY 2 screenshot


Day 1 of the Biker Packs is here! Check it out:

The Elephant is Back!

The Elephant has caught wind of some high grade military tech that has ended up in the greasy palms of the OVERKILL MC. He wants it and he has found the perfect man to help the PAYDAY gang retrieve it, the biker Rust (portrayed by Ron Perlman).

Stay Tuned for More

PAYDAY 2 screenshot

E3 starts today and if you're able to attend, come by our booth in the West Hall and get a sneak preview of one of our coolest heists yet!


Replaced the Sydney trailer with the Biker Packs trailer

Patch Size:

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