Catch a Falling Star Version 1.0 Changelog and 2 New Themes

By Austin Phoenix, 1 year ago
Hey everyone!

We are very happy to announce that we've made some awesome changes to Catch a Falling Star.

Firstly, we are extremely thankful for everyone who's played the game and took the time to provide us with feedback. We take everything into consideration. We realised after creating the achievements that the Money Hoarder achievement isn't really all that fun to go for and a bit too grindy. Although we're not going to remove the achievement or change it, we have increased/changed the ways for you to earn some Star Coins in the game.

• Ice bumping now rewards 5 coins per 5 bumps instead of just 1.
• We've created a harder to catch coin worth 50 Star Coins.
• Lastly, we want to reward you for playing more and getting better - with every 1000 points you make, you will earn Star Coins. It starts at 5 Star Coins for 1000 points, and then doubles for every 1000 points after that. So if you hit 2000 points you'll earn 10 Star Coins, 3000 points earns you 20 Star Coins, etc.

We believe that this will make earning Star Coins much easier and more rewarding.

So, you can't just have an easier way to earn Star Coins and not have anything new to spend it on hey? So, without further ado, we have created two "cameo themes"! Our two guest themes are based on the highly popular Turbo Pug, and our other game, Star Chronicles: Delta Quadrant.

This now brings our number of themes to 5, and also adds in two additional music tracks.

A huge thank you to Dan at Back to Basics Gaming for allowing us to create a Turbo Pug theme in our game. Please check out the awesome pug bundle here:

Lastly, we've fixed a bug or two with how the leader boards are displayed, and tweaked a bit on the User Interface in-game - it's now slightly transparent, making it easier to spot falling stars that might be hidden behind the UI.

As always, we did play-test extensively, but if you experience any bugs, please post it on the Steam Forums or use the Report Bug button in the game.

Thanks for your support, and we hope you enjoy the new content!

PS - hope you like our awesome new logo! :D
Austin Phoenix
Written by Austin Phoenix
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