Hero Siege patch is out!

By Michelle-Louise Janion, 1 year ago
Hero Siege screenshot

- Ankh fixed
- Enemies now have Armor in wormholes which raises 1% per wormhole level reaching
a cap of 95%.
- Achievement boxes now re-made.
- Razorwire relic now deals weapon damage on tick.
- Smoothed out enemy movement on clients.
- Other clients can no longer upgrade your wormhole by pressing the button.
- Town re-made, added a portal to the act area which is a different location now.
- Removed DLC requirement for "All level 100" -achievement.
- Fixed a crash in co-op
- WH cannot be entered if a player in group is lower than 150.
- Multiplayer login screen can no longer be accessed without steam api active.
- You can no longer even try to join 4/4 servers.
- Advancing waves is no longer possible if in talent or inventory screen.
- Player base movement speed significantly increased.
- Healthbars now draw on top of everything.

- Rupture now deals weapon damage + extra on top according to talent level.

- Fixed Manacalypse cooldown for host with synergy.

- Fixed golem summoning on client.
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