Block N Load: Yury in Rotation, Ranked Beta, and a Dev Update

By Austin Phoenix, 1 year ago
Free Rotation
Yury the Yeti replaces Cogwheel to join Vander Graaf and Nigel Purdey-Longshott in free rotation. If you’ve not tried Yury this is your chance to find out how he plays.

Ranked Beta
The 6th week of the Ranked Beta allowed for any squad size and the requirements to have at least 3 level 10 Heroes available to select.

Week 7 will feature squads of 5 only, however, with the new Squad Finder that was introduced in our latest update it should be far easier to find people to join your squads. Don’t forget to set your Squad Finder preferences in the settings menu if you’re looking to join a squad!

We’ll also be creating a survey about how you found the different settings for the Ranked Beta. However, you can always post your thoughts on the different Ranked Beta weekends in the “Feedback” section of the Steam discussion forum.

Dev Progress
Let’s recap this year’s roadmap as it looks this week:
•Separating Casual and Ranked - Done
•Block Rebalance Pass 1 - Done
•Progression Overhaul - Done
•Squad Finder - Done
•More arena voting options in Casual - Done (with some improvements to be made)
•Hero Balance Passes – On-going alongside development work
•Performance, Bug and Quality of Life fixes - This is always on-going
•Improvements to the Tutorial - On-going
•More cosmetic content - In Progress
•More sales and short term events
-Bundle Support - In Progress
-Double XP weekends - Scheduled
-Free Hero weekends - Scheduled
-Flash sales - Scheduled
•Custom game improvements - In Design
•Reticule tweaks and improvements - In Design
•In-game communication system improvements - In Design

We’re also working on some improvements to the Squad Finder based on player feedback, some changes to the way matchmaking works, plus some new ways to spend Platinum and help support the game!

We have previously made mention of a few other features in past roadmaps, and while the following are still very much elements that are on our radar and we would like to improve on, we may find other features that could take precedence:
•Seasonal (and other criteria) Ranked leaderboards
•Ranked promotion/demotion systems
•Clan System - Persistent clans or clan identification

The order of individual items on the roadmap can end up changing for a number of reasons, including the feedback that we have received.
Austin Phoenix
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