Kingdom: New Lands news is coming at E3!

By Austin Phoenix, 4 months ago
E3 is less than two weeks away now and that's where we're going to be revealing Kingdom: "New Lands". We've done some small teases here and there, but expect a bunch of new info to hit then.

In the meantime here's a few things you should know about "New Lands":

– It’s an expansion, and it adds a bunch of content and a new win condition while keeping the same core gameplay and simplicity.

– If you own Kingdom before "New Lands" launches this summer, you’ll get "New Lands" at no charge.

– If secret beta testing has told us anything, it’s that even if you’re a Kingdom vet you’ll still have a lot of things to puzzle out.

– We don’t intend on spoiling a lot, just like we didn’t spoil things the first time around, because we want players to be able to discover things on their own.

If you’re at E3, come visit us at IndieCade @ E3! We’ll be in the South Hall at booth #623.

Oh and here's a picture of a new creature. Wonder if you can ride it ...
Austin Phoenix
Written by Austin Phoenix
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