Crush Crush Update! 0.37

By Austin Phoenix, 4 months ago
Hey everyone! We've got a new update for ya :)

Our beta testers have been helping us find all sorts of bugs, user experience hiccups, typos, and other good stuff. We feel like it's in a good spot now to push an update to everyone! And we're really excited about this one because...


Finally! The first wave of outfits are rolling out in this build - just in time for Summer, it's bathing suits ;D

You'll be able to buy them as gifts only at Lover Level, so that means they will be 'wearable' whenever you reach Lover status. The other cool thing is they're a one-time purchase so once you buy an outfit it'll stay in your inventory and activate at Lover level no matter how many times you prestige. *Note they won't persist across a hard reset*

New Features:

•Bundle OpenGL compatible GLSL shaders into the build to support OpenGL on the Windows version.
•Game size is actually smaller by almost 300MB (and includes more content) because we are now encoding our textures as DXT5. Hopefully this transition goes smoothly for everyone, and also explains the larger 'update' size. All of those textures are effectively being replaced with this update.
•Gift text size scales to fit in one line.
•Keep track of how many dates you have been on in the dates overlay.
•Our first attempt at clothing! You can buy bathing suits for the girls. Each girl makes enough diamonds to pick out one piece of clothing for them.
•Save startup settings on prestige/reset to keep your resolution, monitor, etc. (Let me know if this works for you!)

Bug Fixes:

•Fixed some issue with Alpha and Bearverly sprites not updating correctly when they hit Lover status.
•Fixed lots of typos reported by beta testers and other players. Thanks so much!
•Fixed Steam job achievement.
•Save played time across prestige/reset so that total time played can accumulate properly.
•Special gift (Bearverly/Alpha) will stay as the last gift on page 3, and won't expand the gifts section into page 4 (which looked a bit weird).

Balance Tweaks:

•Extended hobbies to level 70.
•Fixed Tea Set and Plushy Toy costs (they were swapped by accident).
•Pamu now takes only a single diamond, and should only take it *once*. This means she will not take a diamond on successive playthroughs!

Upcoming tasks:
More outfits! Gotta draw faster >.<
Endless Mode / Diamond ring
More dialogue & more ladies
Austin Phoenix
Written by Austin Phoenix
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