Guns of Icarus Online Version 1.4.6 Hotfix 1

By Austin Phoenix, 11 months ago
•Allow players to change to opposite team's empty slot if balance allows
•Easing rematch requirements
•Increased Voice Over volume in Tutorials

Bug fixes:
•Fixed store's tooltip header issue with some items
•Fixed respawn and loading issues on 3v3 Fight Over Firnfeld
•Fixed floating map elements in Paritan/Labyrinth
•Fixed some subtle effects and UI errors that were causing performance issues
•VIP icon in lobby intersecting with other text
•Captain command icons missing
•Player name above gun selection menu
•Tabs missing on match end screen
•Pressing Enter or Space in chat at match end screen un/checks the rematch vote
•Match end stat text issues
•Mastery achievements aren’t listed
•Can't block players on score menu

New Content:
•New tips for matchmaker waiting screen created by the community and vets to make sure players get the best advice.
Austin Phoenix
Written by Austin Phoenix
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