Plague Inc: Evolved Popular Scenarios Update

By Austin Phoenix, 1 year ago
To celebrate the end and successful funding (over 1000%) of our Kickstarter Campaign for Plague Inc: The Board Game, we have updated the list of Popular Scenarios. These new scenarios have been trending recently, and we wanted to see what you think. We hope you'll enjoy them :)

Scenarios Update

Here is the list for this month:

Shrekd Laddy BY Math345
The Potato Problem BY Someone you will never know
Terraria corruption BY MrComp
Cartoon Network's Takeover BY alpha kat 123
Mental Destruction BY contagious_vibration
The Rise of Dragons BY lego24master
Team Fortress 2 BY FaZe Obama (Dank)
Chimera BY Pan S. Clock
The Mindkiller BY Tank Magnet's Kitten Chaos

Check back next month to see what's new!

Good luck infecting,

- Zach
Austin Phoenix
Written by Austin Phoenix
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