Killing Floor 2: WWAUT - Continued Perk Changes

By Austin Phoenix, 1 year ago
Hello everyone!

First I want to cover some of the new perk passive the Demo has that I forgot to mention in the main post last week. Grenade Supplier, On Contact and Door Traps are now all passive skills for the Demolitions Perk. So those of you who enjoyed those skills can continue to use them now more than ever. We have also modified the spread on the HX-25 to make it more reliable at hitting the center of what you aim at as well.

We’ve also made some revisions to last week's new Demo skill tree as we’ve been playtesting and gathered community feedback which I would like to outline below:

Demo Skills
Level 5:
Bombardier - Explosive demo weapons now do 25% more damage
Grenadier- Demo weapons fire 20% faster

Level 10:
High Impact Rounds - Do 25% more damage on a direct hit with demo weapons, but lose 3 ammo from the max ammo count per weapon
Extra Rounds - Increase max ammo by 5 for every demo weapon

Level 15:
Sonic Resistant Grenades - Demolition weapons have a 100% chance of avoiding siren scream destruction
Fragmentation Rounds - AoE of your explosions increase by 50% but AoE damage is reduced by 30%

Level 20:
Armor Piercing Rounds - Direct hits to a critical zone will do an extra 50% more damage
Concussive Rounds - The hit reaction, stun, stumble and knockdown of all demo weapons is increased by 50%

Level 25:
Destroyer of Worlds - Previously nuke, this has been tweaked slightly
Mad Bomber - Shoot and reload in near real time

Commando Skills
Calling out cloaked Zeds has been made a passive perk joining Night vision, reload speed, zed time extension, health bar detection, cloaked enemy damage and weapon damage. The skill tree has also been updated to support those who enjoy playing the role more tactically and those who want to use more bullets to deal with the problem.

Level 5:
Tactical Reload - Reload 20% faster with commando weapons
Large Mags - Commando Weapons have 50% increased mag size

Level 10:
Backup - Pistol and knife do 60% extra damage and 50% faster weapon switch
Impact - Commando weapons have 150% increased stumble power

Level 15:
Health Increase - Increased health and Armor by 25%
Ammo Vest - Carry 2 extra mags per commando weapon

Level 20:
Hollow Point Rounds - Commando Weapons do 25% more damage and have 50% less recoil
Eat Lead - Get another 50% increase in mag size for Commando Weapons

Level 25:
Professional - Reload weapons at full speed and switch weapons twice as fast
Rapid Fire - Do 3% more damage with commando weapons and shoot 3x faster with all weapons

Another Mercenary is joining the crew with the next update as well! While I can’t speak about our new favorite Australian Rae Higgens just yet, you can be sure in the knowledge that she is on her way.

Next week I hope to have more on our new incap system as well as our new vulnerability/weakness system as well as the Sharpshooter Skill tree. But before I go, I do have that Railgun that many of you have been clamoring to see!

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