Unturned Update

By Austin Phoenix, 7 months ago
•Added Remote Detonator. [ID 1240]
•Added Breaching Charge. [ID 1241]
•Added Makeshift Grenade. [ID 1242]
•Added Hide_Admins command.

•Improved hitmarkers to show where exactly the shots landed.
•Improved several destructible objects break effects.
•Improved tree meshes and foliage shading.
•Improved non-grass foliage to also blow in the wind.
•Improved player/vehicle/animal snapshots to use less bandwidth.
•Improved vector3 compression accuracy in large multiplayer maps.

•Tweaked explosive crafting recipes and damage.
•Tweaked bow damages in line with the sharpshooter rifles.
•Tweaked density of berry bushes lower on PEI.
•Tweaked berries [again] to all be more useful.
•Tweaked C4 name/appearance to sticky grenade.
•Tweaked explosives name to raw explosives.
•Tweaked hay explosion to be more visible.

•Fixed footstep still playing if paused while walking.
•Fixed tree collision to better represent visible mesh.
•Fixed case where trees showed as dead when they were actually alive.
•Fixed projectiles going through trees.
•Fixed missing damage impacts when hitting tree stumps.
•Fixed gap in roof of pirate cave on PEI.
•Fixed forcing self through wall with ladder.
•Fixed an area spawning more than 64 zombies at a time.
•Fixed server crash when more than ~70 actively networked vehicles.
•Fixed seeds not vulnerable to fists/melee/guns.
•Fixed roads showing pink when generating chart image.
•Fixed to cache map/chart images when opening info tab.
•Fixed misconfigured civilian zombies always dropping guns.
•Fixed drop position of metal from boulders.
Austin Phoenix
Written by Austin Phoenix
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