Hero Siege Update

By Austin Phoenix, 1 year ago
Hero Siege has received another update. Here are the patch notes:

- Amazon crashing fixed? (at least I played for a long while without crashing).
- Fixed a possible crash on marksman when attacking enemy.
- Changed boss wave to 6 in all difficulties.
- Nerfed all relic damage and basilisk tooth in wormholes
- Fixed a crash with amazon and paladin.
- Added more latency to spam filter in chat and fixed copy pasting resulting in text that is too long.
- Colossal arrow fixed (no synergy in it but still applies)
- Clients can now see demon god's balls.
- Renaming is now disabled till we get it fixed.
- Added ilevel to merchant draw
- Fixed trading (should be flawless now)
- Relics disappearing fixed (our load started from index 1 when demon horn was index 0 and having demon horn caused this bug, took us 2 years to figure it out =DDDDD).
- Increased gold drops + doubled its scaling
- Improved wormhole randomization and enemies getting stuck outside of borders.
Austin Phoenix
Written by Austin Phoenix
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