Guns of Icarus Online Version 1.4.6 Release Notes

By Michelle-Louise Janion, 1 year ago
New content:

New VIP Game Mode:

You’ve gone out on your own to play this mode, and we’ve seen how much fun you all have. We’ve connected with Tropo, Richard, and KitkatKitty the creator and organizers of the player run VIP matches to discover how your rules and nuances make the mode fun. Score points by killing each team’s VIP. If the VIP kills another VIP, you get bonus points! First team to get the required points wins the match. Important thing to note, the first ship on each team in the match lobby is designated as the VIP. Plan accordingly! There are 5 revised maps to play this hectic mode on with a set of achievements to boot. Happy Hunting.

New Tutorial:

The best crew member is a crew who knows how to complete basic tasks on the ship. This is why we’ve completely revamped our tutorial to ensure that new players can have a place on every ship. It also offers mini-game challenges where even experienced players can test their skills and earn medals. There are tutorials for all classes and each one is meticulously instructed by Captain Morrison via radio (just in case you crash the ship). These revisions should offer a more in-depth, yet concise and highly engaging, way to learn how to play the game.

New Friend Referral:

Our players have gone out of their way to recruit, refer, and bring in an amazing number of friends, and it’s vital to the growth of our community. It’s the reason we have such great clans and upstanding players. To reward and push for more players to do the same, we’ve added in a referral system. On the main page you can click the “Review and Recruit” button to get your code and give it to friends. Once they redeem this code you and them will earn items, dyes, and exclusive titles! Each player can only be recruited once so make sure to grab your friends quickly and look for more.

New Coupon System:

A new reward has been added into the game. Coupons! You’ll be able to receive these in the new friend referral feature and in other upcoming reward systems. These coupons will give you your choice of items from the store at a discount instead of simply being assigned a reward. Once you get one all you have to do is use the store and you will see your coupon applied on checkout.

New Workshop Items:

- Frostbite by Thorn the Branch (Free)
- Faerie by GeoRmr (Free)
- Snakeyes by NextgenZ- (Store)
- Boarding Hat - Jeremy Woodes Collection (M) by The Lifeless Hatter (Store)
- Boarding Hat - Jeremy Woodes Collection (F) by The Lifeless Hatter (Store)
- Padded Crew Helmet (M) by Taint (Store)
- Padded Crew Helmet (F) by Taint (Store)
- Tommy Helmet (M) by Taint (Store)
- Tommy Helmet (F) by Taint (Store)


- Anti-aliasing method is now stated in the options menu
- Different animation for Character in customization window when zoomed in
- Notification when a novice player’s class gets changed from pilot in non-novice matches
- Increased character limit for notifications
- Functionality of hold R and F to throttle forward and backward
- Performance optimisation for multiple Flares
- Bounty and bounty hunter scoring improvement
- Different mechanics for Captain's recommendation spam filter (now works in a similar way to the chat spam filter)
- Disallow players to move to the other team via spectator in system-made lobby


- Engine sound cuts off abruptly when changing direction
- Match end screen gunner stat text overlaps
- Match end screen effect out of borders
- UI bug when you're inspecting a ship from a running lobby, but the lobby ended
- Multiple notifications when AFK kicked
- Clipping on top deck of Pyramidion
- Seats misplaced on heavy guns after swapping them in practice mode
- Floating smoke on Junker and Spire
- All-weather Service Cap is missing the upper half of the model
- Clan page text might get out of border
- Display issue with hair 'Cropped Pixie'
- Display issue with hair ‘Nihongami’
- Dye confirmation UI element shows up when viewing another players’ load-out
- Message saying guns are locked because player is in novice yet s/he isn't
- Too long titles at match end screen
- Ship type name cut off on match end screen
- The size of gaps vary between the notches of the hull health
- Hwacha fire animations missing occasionally
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