Rocket League Celebrates with Post-Game Spotlights Coming in June

By Austin Phoenix, 1 year ago
Rocket League Post Game Spotlights

Rocket League matches often go down to the wire and whether your team pulls off a stunning upset or stomps the competition, you deserve all the post-match excitement you can get — which is why we plan on providing even more opportunities for players to express themselves.

Starting with the June update, you’ll be able to jump, boost, and spin your Battle-Car on the “Post-Game Spotlights” screen. Check out this preview GIF to see how it works!

Stats for the Win
As you might have guessed from the imagery, we’ll be tracking specific stats associated with each member of the winning team and assign titles for your performance in that particular match. For example, if you boxed out a lot of Battle-Cars in Hoops mode, the total number of cars bumped stat could be your most prominent, giving you the intimidating “Enforcer” title. Alternatively, if you set up a lot of shots for teammates by centering the ball, you can nab the “Tactician” title on the Post-Game Spotlight screen.

If you’re curious, here’s are just a few of the 20+ titles and their associated stats:

- Aggressor – Most First Touches
- Benchwarmer – Fewest Ball Hits
- Prodigy – Score 3 or more goals
- Speed Demon – Most Boost Pickups
- Traitor – Score an own goal
- Warden – Make 3 or more saves

Spin around, jump for joy, or just celebrate your victory — it’s all about savoring the moment with your fellow Rocketeers!

The Post-Game Spotlights and Quick Chat options we discussed this week are just the beginning of our ongoing preview for the upcoming update in June. Stay tuned for more via @RocketLeague or Facebook!
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Written by Austin Phoenix
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