Darkest Dungeon: Everything Burns Build #14546

By Austin Phoenix, 1 year ago
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In today’s update, we’re thrilled to be adding over 40 different Town Events to the Hamlet. Upon returning from a quest, you may find things are not as you left them!

This update is also of special significance, as it completes the last of the Kickstarter game feature stretch goals. Huzzah! (Now we will move on to producing the Kickstarter physical goods.)

•TOWN EVENTS - bonus recruits, extra supplies, facility closures, and more! Each event is presented with unique key art and commentary by the Narrator (Wayne June), and many are supported with additional in-game art. Be warned, The Hamlet is not as safe as it once was… (Note: you can adjust the frequence of Town Events in the OPTIONS menu, although they are mandatory for NG+)

•Hamlet Polish: Various lighting FX and smoke added to the Hamlet.

•Added a Default Party Order Button, find it on your Map in a dungeon!

•Loot All - now keybound to SPACEBAR

•Credits - Accessible from the options menu, we are proud to list thousands of backers who helped bring this project to life! Oh, and us too.

•ESC and ENTER now dismisses Single Prompt Confirmation Windows (i.e. full inventory warning prompt)

•Added confirm for when you don’t have any combat skills selected.

•Jester “Finale” skill now hits with more punch!

•Fixed riposte bugs with stats not applying from riposte skill.

•Click to skip quirk-driven curio interaction bark.

•Fix to estate not being saved when heroes are dismissed. (This will fix trinkets getting lost in town.)

•Trap disarm tooltip in tray now takes difficulty into account to accurately display chance.

•Fixed up tooltips for Russian localization

•Fix heirloom exchange bugs.

•Fixed max not being accessible for transfer amounts.

•Fixed not being able to close it when it’s open and you purchase in such a way that you end up with 0 heirlooms.

•Adjusted 'Field Dressing' camping skill to fix bug

•Fix to estate saving in provision screen resulting in lost money.

•Fix to retreat outside of plot quest.

•Fix to captured dead heroes (Crew, Cauldron, Siren) not dying after quest.

•Activity log now will log stress heal with buff

•Fixed Shambler corpses not being large

•Fix to missing crit lines for Musketeer

•Unequip trinket for hero who dies in retreat and add the trinket to raid finish inventory.

•Fixed up incompatible quirks awarded at the end of a raid.

•Bookshelves and Book stacks can now drop Journal Pages

•The Town Crier can now be found enjoying the various stress relief facilities in the Hamlet once the town grows a bit

•Added Temporary English text for all the new text for other Languages. (Localization is being worked and should be done soon).

•Fixed Bug Quirk Gained from Facility Usage not Replacing Quirk correctly

•Various UI fixes

We want to extend a sincere thanks to all our players and fans for your support of Darkest Dungeon. While this update marks the end of our Kickstarter feature commitments, it’s certainly not the last update the game will receive! We’re honored to have found an audience for our game, and are looking forward to supporting and expanding it later in the year.

Until then, keep your torches lit, and ...beware the Vvulf!

--The Darkest Dungeon Team
Austin Phoenix
Written by Austin Phoenix
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