Card Hunter Release 3.138

By Michelle-Louise Janion, 1 year ago
Mauve Manticore 16, a new AA item, Entropy Wars league and more.

Also, check out the new Demon figures in Cuthbert's Costumes!


- Entropy Wars is now schedulable.

Steam Client

- Should now be working again in the test branch.
- Fixed the Questor achievement if you complete an AI quest.
- Fixed the calculation of Franchisee achievement.

Figure Purchases

- Added demon figures to Cuthbert's
- Explicitly rolled back DB commit on failed figure purchase.
- More comprehensive exception/error logging in figure purchase handler.

Custom Scenarios

- AI music and monsters for scenario editor .

Mauve Manticore

- Mauve Manticore 16!

Aloyzo's Arsenal

- Aloyzo's Arsenal #9 winner .


- Some adventure/scenario text fixes.
- But a Trifle capitalization fixed.
- Some typos in MM15.3 intro text.


- Boiling Armor log text no longer uses "destroy".
- Destructive Purge replaces attachments before damaging.
- Blizzard Breath and Disenchant say "discard" instead of "destroy".
- Evil Salt now specifies that DAMAGE is added to DAMAGING attacks.
- Spell Skill text clarified.
- Attack the Darkness is an ATTACK/HANDICAP now.
- Mindless Battlerage short name changed to Mindless Rage.
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