This War of Mine: Babel Update is live!

By Michelle-Louise Janion, 5 months ago
After months of hard work we are proud to announce that Babel project is live!

What is it?

Babel is a community based tool that will let us bring This War of Mine experience to people all around the world. Thanks to the effort of all participants, soon the game will be available in all major languages, allowing everyone to play in their native language.

We wanted Babel to be as simple and useful as possible. After creating an account you join or gather a group of translators and moderators responsible for the translation. If you keep working together and maintain a good level of communication - your translation should be ready and available in-game in no time!

Learn more about Babel:

All Babel needs right now is more members! So if you want to support our game and affect development process of This War of Mine - embark on this adventure with us. You can join this amazing community here.
Michelle-Louise Janion
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