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Welcome everybody, how many of us have played with the Amiga, Commodore 64, N64, etc etc? The gaming world has made great strides. Have fun with the next-generation! compute

Enjoy and happy hunting.
This leaderboard is based on gamers' TSA Ratio
Pos Gamer Score Latest achievement
1 Mikaragua Mikaraguahttps://www.instagram.com/mikhailmogilevskiy/ 2.3074 The last march in We. The Revolution
2 Hamstersex Hamstersex 2.2298 Protector in The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series
3 Giancarlo GiancarloScarlet Tower - Invincible build on Endless mode https://youtu.be/WNWh6E2MqVg 2.2159 Wayward Child in Fallout 76
4 DivinneSmith DivinneSmith 2.1841 Subservience in The Planet Crafter
5 Andreas Teufel Andreas TeufelJCDenton666 on Steam. NB: I play only for myself, cause cheating is literally sanctioned here! 2.1378 We Are Human Beings in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
6 S0METHING1313 S0METHING1313The true final boss is the backlog we acquired along the way. 2.1206 Baldur's Gate Expatriates - Part 1 in Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms
7 LMEPHISTO LMEPHISTO 2.1154 Godlike in Baldurs Gate II: Enhanced Edition
8 ViewerUSA ViewerUSAPraise Jesus 2.0946 Legendary Miner in Deep Rock Galactic
9 Deathtroth Deathtrothtwitch.tv/deathtroth 2.0856 Bacteria Master in Plague Inc: Evolved
10 Giant Spider Giant Spider 2.0286 Secutor in Champions Online
11 Cadence Cadence 1.9999 Call of the Blade in Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition
12 JC_grospixels JC_grospixelshttps://www.grospixels.com 1.9679 Brotherhood in Hollow Knight
13 Daruk Daruk 1.9526 Journeyman Cartographer in Path of Exile
14 Araya_koko Araya_kokoSpsa....gheeee....ttiiiiii smile 1.9310 What's Your BMI? in American Truck Simulator
15 dZiRO dZiRO 1.9292 It's got electrolytes in Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor
16 centuri0n0 centuri0n0 1.9196 All Around the Blue Island in Euro Truck Simulator 2
17 Cathartis Cathartis 1.8895 You Choose, You Lose in Dicey Dungeons
18 redknightnz81 redknightnz81 1.8801 Highballer in Wreckfest
19 paulxx62 paulxx62 1.8678 Level 2 in Poly Jigsaw: Birds
20 cormyre cormyrecormyre earned 257 achievements in 2023 worth 7,196 TSA 1.8600 Do Feed the Sharks in Destroy All Humans!
21 RalleRoyal RalleRoyalok cool 1.8381 On the Road Again in Forza Horizon 5
22 BigWhoop BigWhoop 1.8379 Electronic Sharks in Rise to Ruins
23 I ManuBAD iT I I ManuBAD iT Ihttps://www.trueachievements.com/gameclip.aspx?clipid=139659... a new MONTAGE in Ghost Recon Wildlands rock 1.8080 Ranked: Bronze in Prominence Poker
24 Jexter Jexter 1.8068 Graceful middle age in Reus 2
25 Rocky7up Rocky7upAchievement "nut" & Racing fanatic 1.7832 Racing Mogul in Tony Stewart's All-American Racing
26 Darviathar Darviathar 1.7741 1999 A.D. in Stellaris
27 NoPantsBatman NoPantsBatman 1.7663 A First Taste in V Rising
28 test_of_valor test_of_valor 1.7373 Brawler Mastery III in Warframe
29 Metheglin MetheglinWibble! 1.7010 Shot through the heart in Rack and Slay
30 evoracer518 evoracer518Playing 35MM after PS4 Gaming for a while... 1.6997 The Journeyman in GRID Autosport
31 mrkitties420 mrkitties420The streak is over. Life has no meaning. 1.6928 Crowned with Living Light in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
32 Danon Danon 1.6885 Upgraded 3 Outfits in Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition
33 HerrieM HerrieMMostly Harmless 1.6858 Destroyer in Pixel Puzzles Illustrations & Anime
34 Jamjohnx3 Jamjohnx3 1.6848 Part of the Club in Gems of War - Puzzle RPG
35 Quoth_the_Raven Quoth_the_RavenFinally griding down the backlog. 1.6846 Family Reunion in Ghost of Tsushima DIRECTOR'S CUT
36 Ohnefuenfter Ohnefuenfter 1.6781 Analyst V in Dorfromantik
37 _Gustavo _Gustavo 1.6774 Cloverrad in OlliOlli World
38 Gaffi Gaffi 1.6727 Demolition Expert in THE FINALS
39 Sancta Sancta 1.6726 Car Engine in Coloring Pixels
40 Avisari Avisari 1.6641 A New Beginning in Counter-Strike 2
41 Batprince BatprinceYoutube.com/Batprince 1.6277 Japanese Waitress in Sakura Succubus 2
42 DkW DkW 1.6187 Reboot in Roboquest
43 Azareth AzarethFrench Gamer trying to kill his backlog 1.6156 Glorified Cog in Per Aspera
44 silenthero silenthero 1.6131 Fallen Petals in Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?!
45 Kinglink KinglinkI have launched a review website at kinglink-reviews.com check it out. 1.6061 I can't even lift this in Melvor Idle
46 SolarPoweredBadger SolarPoweredBadger 1.6002 The power of water is yours in Aggelos
47 sandypantscufc sandypantscufc 1.5970 Moscow Commuter in Mini Motorways
48 Hotax Hotax 1.5963 Welcome to Minami Lane in Minami Lane
49 ReivaX ReivaXTrying to perfect some games from my ever expanding backlog 1.5783 Synthwave in WooLoop
50 Ciolla Ciolla 1.5719 Reborn in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning
51 fonewearl88 fonewearl88 1.5646 Heaven or Hell in Sonic Adventure 2
52 R4M Razr R4M Razr 1.5387 Confident in Halls of Torment
53 Xenogorgon Xenogorgon 1.5272 Random drop 7 in Transport Defender
54 Journeystyle Journeystyle 1.5105 The de Rune Legacy in A Plague Tale: Innocence
55 Darkrynn Darkrynn 1.4938 Just kick it! in Rogue Empire: Dungeon Crawler RPG
56 yeomandarr yeomandarron the way back up north, still playing my moddded snes classic too much 1.4883 I Have The Power in Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition
57 Reset42 Reset42 1.4800 Predator and Prey in Assassin's Creed Odyssey
58 bob_pmi bob_pmi 1.4580 Armed and Dangerous in Fallout Shelter
59 Ambizion Ambizion 1.4564 Underachiever in Burnout Paradise Remastered
60 Jesicu Jesicu 1.4499 Complete Senigallia, Italy in LOGistICAL: Italy
61 SavageTHEOGON SavageTHEOGON 1.4436 Open the gate! in Age of Cavemen
62 NoctisCL NoctisCL 1.4249 Better left forgotten! in Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Ultimate Edition
63 Tango_Echo_Alpha Tango_Echo_Alphahttp://www.youtube.com/user/TangoEchoAlphaUK 1.4245 Gotta Smash 'Em All in Forza Horizon 5
64 Merriott Merriottlet's keep it simple now. 1.4085 Another Bug Hunt in Starfield
65 kylzemol kylzemol 1.3948 Paying Respects in Monument Valley: Panoramic Edition
66 Atarun AtarunSo many games, so little time... 1.3883 Bubble Popper in Idle Bouncer
67 Lord_unam Lord_unamIm a powerGirl! 1.3813 Gather Your Party in Divinity: Original Sin 2
68 _babry_ _babry_ 1.3773 Shell shock in Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition
69 MineralSpirit MineralSpirit 1.3760 Line Laser Upgrade in Sentinel 3: Homeworld
70 vardulon vardulon 1.3575 Tickets Please in Hoversteppers
71 Presariofu PresariofuBorderlands fever..... 1.3569 Born Free in Batman: Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Edition
72 graphixela graphixela 1.3464 Chinese Dragon in Milo and the Christmas Gift
73 darkLoki darkLoki 1.3399 Seriously Sworded Details in Ys I Chronicles+
74 Serxipc Serxipc 1.3044 More Than a Guest in Her Story
75 Ovapositor OvapositorBeginning to question my dedication to Sparkle Motion 1.2984 No Mercy in Door Kickers: Action Squad
76 fernandogaebler fernandogaeblerObrigado Steam!!! 1.2981 Fast clicks in Insanity Clicker
77 MacRaeBRB MacRaeBRB 1.2844 Dragon in Coloring Pixels
78 MrLightSite MrLightSite 1.2834 Y2K Tree in Tree Simulator 2023
79 jplabit jplabit 1.2831 Prehistoric Research in Cell to Singularity - Evolution Never Ends
80 xLilSheWolfx xLilSheWolfxThought I would give Steam a try :) 1.2467 Fishing Clicks 1000 in Harvest Seasons
81 rabidinfection rabidinfection 1.1517 We still don't know in Carpe Diem
82 DatBoiTreezy DatBoiTreezyYouTube (Ash Treezy) | Twitch (datboitreezy) | Twitter @TA_Treezy | Mixer (DatBoiTreezy) | 1.0000 Well Played - Fear in Free to Play
83 dvdmanpa dvdmanpa .0000
84 rezKerT rezKerT .0000
85 JorgeGTZ JorgeGTZ .0000
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