Brazilian Leaderboard

For brazilian players.
This leaderboard is based on gamers' TrueSteamAchievement
Pos Gamer Score Latest achievement
1 Maluno Maluno 435,806 Equilibrium in AER - Memories of Old
2 Pri Pri 410,495 Collector at heart in Sigi - A Fart for Melusina
3 RodLima RodLima 265,594 Tragedy in Europe in Resident Evil 6
4 TheHunter1942 TheHunter1942Just your average gamer. 209,853 Dizzy in OlliOlli
5 patetico pateticoCan we please get a better point system now? 179,498 Boss 280 Defeated! in NGU IDLE
6 Lewa Lewa~ 151,435 Hummed of Mystery in The First Tree
7 RPS RPSPlaying playing playing 140,194 Complete Portrait-14 above 50 points in Dark Fantasy 2: Jigsaw Puzzle
8 Esparza EsparzaRecon Company Commander who can't get enough of the Army and fiddles with ARMA while off duty. 123,594 Ain't Got Time To Bleed in MOTHERGUNSHIP
9 Arandis25 Arandis25 112,912 Recipe for Disaster in Shadow of the Tomb Raider
10 Dass Dass 105,961 Redemption in Metro: Last Light Redux
11 _Gustavo _Gustavo 102,134 You Bet Your Life in Ys Origin
12 TheFreenzer TheFreenzer 99,193 Hana-San in Coloring Pixels
13 Janeleiro Janeleiro=P 80,513 Twice as Nice in Brawlhalla
14 Schiavini SchiaviniLet's get that backlog up to the top! I said TO THE TOP! 70,264 Ultimate Pincoya in Abyss Odyssey
15 RCCruz RCCruz 69,552 I Know the Families in Endless Space 2
16 DJJohnDouglas DJJohnDouglasGRIND 65,225 10 Wins in Koi-Koi Japan Hanafuda playing cards
17 DarkFenixRS DarkFenixRS 60,919 Fledgling Collector in MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD
18 Lordminato LordminatoLet's do this Texas style 53,565 I see dead pixels in Pixel Piracy
19 creepflyer creepflyerTanto faz 50,696 Homeless Guy Complete! in Pixel Puzzles Ultimate
20 PedroRTeles PedroRTeles 49,679 Statistical Anomaly in Game Dev Tycoon
21 leomoty leomoty 45,466 Strange Acquaintance in Rise of the Tomb Raider
22 Camilli Camilli 43,706 Warrior of Smoke in Lost Lands: A Hidden Object Adventure
23 kamiizumii kamiizumiiThere are a lot of Floweys out there. 41,208 Traces of Tragedy in Resident Evil Revelations
24 akirarobert akirarobertSearching for a definition of TIME... 38,632 Settlement in ISLANDERS
25 Cerjo Cerjodaew 26,624 No Stone Unturned in Path of Exile
26 natsukı natsukı 26,605 München - Rosenheim: Driver: Part 3 in Train Simulator 2019
27 jediknightbr jediknightbrI am a game collector... 24,136 Ⓒ! in qop
28 ASAnaparada ASAnaparada 21,929 Quick Cut in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
29 bostengaable bostengaable 21,731 Accident Prone in Iggy's Egg Adventure
30 metalder metalderStep into the capsule, X. 20,637 Gutting Gutworm in Grim Dawn
31 emcanedo emcanedo 18,203 Historian in Lara Croft GO
32 Suneko Suneko 18,197 Foe of the Franks in Age of Empires II (2013)
33 IntensoFOX IntensoFOXComplementando os jogos de PC da Microsoft. Obrigado Steam! 18,189 Super Levelupper in Ragnarok Clicker
34 Thirock Thirock 15,790 Sleeping with the Fishes in Turbo Pug DX
35 Dantefold Dantefold 15,524 Not in the Guidebook in HITMAN
36 hellhoundsin hellhoundsin 15,247 Archaeology in Celeste
37 liriuscat liriuscatRequest update doesn't work anymore? cry 13,597 Exemplary Fire Service Medal in 911 Operator
38 Exatos Lee Exatos LeeGamer Ultra Mega Newbee ! 13,405 Maximum Dinosaur in ARK: Survival Evolved
39 clorophilla clorophilla 12,424 One Smart Cookie in Tomb Raider
40 Anonymo25 Anonymo25 11,241 Level 6 in Mojo 2: Mia
41 OvelhaOP OvelhaOP 11,062 Diary: Shooting for five stars in This War of Mine
42 diegomamelli7 diegomamelli7 10,622 Zzzzz in Euro Truck Simulator 2
43 irreal1979 irreal1979 9,839 Been around the block in GRID Autosport
44 fredericoa7x fredericoa7xXbox M1T0 !!! (Brothers to the end) 9,152 Reliable Contractor in Euro Truck Simulator 2
45 Werebox Werebox 9,084 Re-Entering in Motorsport Manager
46 oshiouy oshiouy 8,979 Get Out Of Jail Free in Friday the 13th: The Game
47 Kaster Lingorn Kaster Lingorn 8,976 Grand Standing! in AdVenture Capitalist
48 fernandogaebler fernandogaebler 8,434 You have succeeded! in Archery Practice VR
49 neyjohn neyjohn 7,345 One Shot, One Kill in Deus Ex: The Fall
50 Randoman Randoman 6,351 Bottomless Pit in Battle for Enlor
51 HimikoMasa HimikoMasa 5,671 The REAL Letter in The Letter - Horror Visual Novel
52 rsyn rsynNew here 4,971 The Immovable Object in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
53 SrTonn SrTonn 3,836 Jelly-Porter in Overcooked 2
54 DarkVitor DarkVitorXbox is Life 2,780 I did not want to resort to violence, but I did not have a choice in Broforce
55 sznmedina sznmedinaClick Click Click! XD 2,141 Berries Gatherer in Clover Tale
56 Kiragamer Kiragamer 2,137 A New Challenger in Paladins
57 DunkelGotik DunkelGotik 1,900 Risky's Revenge in Shantae: Half-Genie Hero
58 adrianomm17 adrianomm17 1,479 A RIDE DENIED in Left 4 Dead 2
59 Edson_MotaJr Edson_MotaJr 787 Crossword Solver in Puzzler World
60 WilliamRSPOA WilliamRSPOA 107 War Crime and Punishment in Team Fortress 2
61 cooorpse cooorpse 20 Hey, Listen! in The Plan