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Pos Gamer Score Latest achievement
1 TheStranger TheStranger 2,245,144 Five star roadkill in Good Mourning
2 Skaery Skaery 1,655,143 Complete Terra Nova, Brazil in LOGistICAL: Brazil
3 lylat lylat 1,601,861 The Bigger they are… in Mad Max
4 hannez hannez 1,530,028 CHINA VILLAGE in SPINTIRES
5 DDtective DDtective 1,381,559 Storage Wars in The Walsingham Files - Chapter 1
6 mattBLiTZ mattBLiTZ 1,009,141 Super Trivia Champion in Trivia Vault: Boxing Trivia
7 private_pile private_pile 850,816 Kiosk Item Unlocked: Challenge 49 in Pixel Puzzles Ultimate Jigsaw
8 Parzival Parzival 833,433 Gold Stations in Idle Space
9 Xeinok Xeinokhttps://AchievementHunting.com | https://twitch.tv/Xeinok 778,325 Feathers Forever in A Short Hike
10 Azatoth Azatoth 763,255 Brawler in GRID
11 Cosinus CosinusFrag yourself. 695,153 Chaos Mender in Faerie Solitaire Dire
12 DarkTerminator DarkTerminatorLet's start gaming. 664,995 In Search Of Supplies - Master in Alien Shooter
13 THG-303 THG-303ReTardis Cucumber 652,422 And we slew the beasts that creepeth... in Darkest Dungeon
14 TiGrOu42 TiGrOu42 641,071 Milestone 4 in hexceed
15 Sqweeb Sqweeb 607,864 Master of Mussel in Aquaculture Land
16 Thatoe Thatoe 593,763 Monster Seeking Monster: Mob Rule in The Jackbox Party Pack 4
17 Macnex Macnexhttp://steamcommunity.com/id/macnex/ 566,697 Veteran in CRSED: F.O.A.D.
18 radiokid radiokid 565,294 Complete Dorsten, Germany in LOGistICAL
19 NovaScotiaSean NovaScotiaSeanFeel free to add me on steam and discord for multiplayer achievements 519,103 Treemendous! in Golf With Your Friends
20 Batprince BatprinceYoutube.com/Batprince 511,709 Air Ace in PAW Patrol Mighty Pups Save Adventure Bay
21 Chris Fifty-Two Chris Fifty-TwoBacklog Challenge 2016 19/52 511,163 Becoming Masterful in PAYDAY 2
22 A dJ A dJ 489,342 "007" in Master of Orion
23 TurtleBoi TurtleBoi 485,374 Faster Picrastinator, Solve! Solve! in Picrastination
24 Maluno Malunohttp://www.twitch.tv/maluno1 462,147 Pro Puzzler in Pixel Puzzles: Japan
25 Tristetea Tristetea 444,839 Gone in 240 Seconds in PAYDAY 2
26 yobokkie yobokkiehttps://imgflip.com/i/246p6x 423,069 Death Proof in Capsized
27 MGZ -- Golden Gamer MGZ -- Golden Gamer 423,024 The Prison in Little Nightmares
28 C4cTuS C4cTuSAchievements! 391,943 12 Tasks of Monk-ules in Bloons TD 6
29 lilcoffeebean lilcoffeebean 362,434 Random drop 2 in Transport Defender
30 OvErMiNd OvErMiNdLegends are Legends 355,430 Autojock in Cyberpunk 2077
31 Takeshi Takeshi 349,924 HOOKED X 15 in Hentai Mosaique Fix-IT Shoppe
32 dfgarcia dfgarciakeep it clean yo 348,901 Encore! in No More Room in Hell
33 stfN1337 stfN1337Achievement Hunter 347,167 No WASD anymore! in Blob From Space
34 Twistor TwistorLooking for and playing games almost no one else has finished. 339,162 Director's Cut in Braveland Wizard
35 Petrucius PetruciusSingle player 333,357 All Roads Lead to the UCA in DEATH STRANDING
36 DrPixel DrPixelzzzzz 332,666 A Manchurian Candidate in Europa Universalis IV
37 Thertex ThertexSi hablas español y buscas completar logros, agregame, seguro que podemos ayudarnos 329,363 This is Maintenance in HITMAN 2
38 Spatvark Spatvark 327,446 20 x 20 in Pictopix
39 Ghatanothoa Ghatanothoa 324,663 Stars of a Thief in Sea of Thieves
40 antonuuu antonuuuPlaying Indie games! 323,535 Heart Leaf in Leaf Blower Revolution - Idle Game
41 borandi borandiHow many pointless 3000-plus achievement games are there now? 312,950 Angler in Torchlight
42 Pure PureSmashing that backlog down. 312,129 They suck in SPACE / MECH / PILOT
43 firefoxlou92 firefoxlou92 310,960 First Expansion in Tribal Wars
44 leonski goldberg leonski goldberglooking to play dead rising 2 Terror is Reality 293,645 没有喜悦的胜利 in Barrage Musical A Fantasy of Tempest
45 SeedofPower SeedofPower 293,576 All Transport machines killed in Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition
46 Agent47 Agent47 292,702 Commuter in Mini Metro
47 RodLima RodLima 284,191 K in Zup! F
48 drui drui 271,979 Prison Yard Dunk in Golf With Your Friends
49 Absynthe AbsyntheGMod Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=600359... 269,350 Top Tier in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout
50 Brandvsbrand BrandvsbrandLife is a game 266,868 Scouts Honor in Sunset Overdrive
51 Mikazuki Mikazuki 254,556 Just Beat It in Yakuza 0
52 Deques Deques 249,358 Jekyll & Hyde in Batman: Arkham Knight
53 Magrudergrind Magrudergrind 243,492 The Silent Cartographer in Halo: The Master Chief Collection
54 Haoh94 Haoh94 239,681 Golden Ticket in Bloons TD 6
55 Melnum Melnum 238,485 Budding Architect in CastleStorm
56 BornFlemish BornFlemish 235,195 I have no idea what I'm doing in Frost
57 Siulebuo Siulebuo 234,523 Keep Your Nose Clean in Max Payne 3
58 Gazza Gazza 231,557 Epsilon Rank in Tap Tap Infinity
59 TheHunter1942 TheHunter1942Just your average gamer. 230,059 Electrified in Heavy Rain
60 Gummydrop GummydropI wanna be the very best, like no one ever was. 213,779 The Fool in Cyberpunk 2077
61 scoser scoser 211,887 Becoming Professional in PAYDAY 2
62 Azanthriel Azanthriel 208,850 Vlad's Little Helpers in PAYDAY 2
63 Darklurker Darklurker 207,242 A grueling adventure comes to a close... in Darkest Dungeon
64 daysocks daysocks 203,195 RU: Upgrade the industry in Zimovniki to level 3 in LOGistICAL: Russia
65 Quappinger QuappingerNon serviam! 199,455 Old Goat in Goat Simulator
66 ParsleyParsnips ParsleyParsnipsPlaying SAO 198,304 We're Here to Help in LEGO DC Super-Villains
67 Keiran Keiran 197,929 Seeds of Deceit in Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms
68 Lightning Lightning 197,226 Hoarder in Grow Defense
69 Bruce9000 Bruce9000 194,255 Chose Afterlife in Beyond: Two Souls
70 Xymjak Xymjak 190,164 Spinny Predator in Wandersong
71 StrikerAH StrikerAH 186,062 Phandom in Dirty Bomb
72 CarbonCarl CarbonCarlhttp://steamcommunity.com/id/CarbonCarl/ 179,058 First Notes in Rust
73 paulxx62 paulxx62 178,638 Mirror Complete! in Pixel Puzzles Junior
74 NihlusGreen NihlusGreen 177,039 100-Proof in Borderlands 3
75 loomkoom loomkoom 174,800 Squared Balls in Idle Bouncer
76 ReivaX ReivaXTrying to perfect some games from my backlog 173,209 Expert strategist in Blood Bowl 2
77 ch0colatemilk ch0colatemilk 171,826 Insane Reaction in Spooky Bonus
78 Paarf PaarfSad Box that plays games 170,577 A Different Kind of Masquerade in PAYDAY 2
79 Daruk Daruk 169,269 High Roller in Titan Quest Anniversary Edition
80 Atebash Atebash 169,155 The good end in Toby: The Secret Mine
81 KikiHR KikiHRJust going for more and more achievements... 167,292 Saint Nicholas Complete! in Pixel Puzzles Ultimate Jigsaw
82 jaAmber jaAmber 163,237 REACH 75 DEFENSE in Idle Warrior
83 nkschlosser nkschlosserI created a thing! :D 157,561 Aiming! Shooting! in MUSYNX
84 cactuz9 cactuz9I think this website is broken. 152,933 Becoming Darkness in THE LONGING
85 TheCloser17 TheCloser17 152,855 Zombie Repeller in Halo: The Master Chief Collection
86 Shidira ShidiraNot dead yet, so that's a plus 150,486 Shopping Spree in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout
87 Arandis25 Arandis25 150,255 Up-Lifting in Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition
88 Enclaver Enclaver 145,377 From Rags to Riches in Crusader Kings III
89 Mr Delval Mr DelvalTwitch.tv/theonlydelval 144,249 Cliques in Stardew Valley
90 LittleStar LittleStar 142,982 A beautiful, but deadly addition in Jurassic World Evolution
91 Pixie PixiePretty sure TSA do a nice update every time my pro sub is gonna lapse. BYE SPAM! 142,660 The Hands of Time in SMITE
92 Quisty Quisty 142,520 Mustard Maestro in ClueCluedo: The Classic Mystery Game
93 Crazy Bublik Crazy Bublik 140,274 Little Tokyo in Cyberpunk 2077
94 Sunnerino Sunnerinobrep 138,284 We Built This City in Yakuza 0
95 Zerrill ZerrillHey! I'm new to TrueSteamAchievements! From what I heard, this site is good, so I'm thinking of using it! Have fun :) 129,623 Res Publica in Age of Empires: Definitive Edition
96 Kanu Kanu 129,555 Curiosity in Terraforming Mars
97 NerdistGeek NerdistGeek 127,576 Spin Doctor in Absolute Drift
98 erc ercThis looks like fun! 127,290 Taking Independence in Fallout 4
99 JSoup JSoupDon't use this site too often. 125,343 NEW_ACHIEVEMENT_NAME_240_21 in Universe in Fire
100 Faalagorn Faalagornhttps://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=10458... - thumb up to help me get 1,000! 125,300 Zombie Experten Clan in Survival Zombies The Inverted Evolution