100% Achievements Group

For all those in the Steam group:
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Pos Gamer Score Latest achievement
1 TheStranger TheStranger 2,393,286 Ruby acolyte in Bounty Below
2 hannez hannez 1,757,025 Date-able in Blush Blush
3 Skaery Skaery 1,751,863 Apple in Coloring Game: Pixel
4 lylat lylat 1,633,462 Treasure Seeker in COLLECTION of SaGa FINAL FANTASY LEGEND
5 DDtective DDtective 1,525,224 It's off to the Hospital in Dare Course
6 AFAK AFAKHello guys 1,106,755 Champion Killer in God Awe-full Clicker
7 mattBLiTZ mattBLiTZ 1,009,891 Super Trivia Champion in Trivia Vault: Boxing Trivia
8 Parzival Parzival 922,065 Gold disassembler in Bounty Below
9 private_pile private_pile 862,422 Heavy Burden in Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms
10 Azatoth Azatoth 847,252 Achievment XX in Gizmos: Interstellar Voyage
11 Xeinok Xeinokhttps://AchievementHunting.com | https://twitch.tv/Xeinok 783,197 Completionist in River City Girls
12 DarkTerminator DarkTerminatorLet's start gaming. 776,344 Hero. Legend. King. in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2
13 Cosinus CosinusFrag yourself. 719,316 Out Before Dessert in Resident Evil 7
14 THG-303 THG-303ReTardis Cucumber 695,931 The World's Most Laughable Centrist in Disco Elysium
15 TiGrOu42 TiGrOu42 688,551 Swinging Sixty in Umbrella Corps
16 radiokid radiokid 648,129 Complete Iran, Xmas 2017 in LOGistICAL: ABC Islands
17 Sqweeb Sqweeb 648,097 Milestone 1 in hexceed
18 Thatoe Thatoe 633,218 One of a kind in Cheeky Chooks
19 Macnex Macnexhttp://steamcommunity.com/id/macnex/ 588,845 Legend tree in Tree Simulator 2022
20 TurtleBoi TurtleBoi 568,634 Hallowed Hoedown in DashBored
21 NovaScotiaSean NovaScotiaSeanFeel free to add me on steam and discord for multiplayer achievements 567,341 Just Do It in Bad Day
22 A dJ A dJ 557,592 PROJECT: Halloween in PROJECT: Halloween
23 Maluno Malunohttp://www.twitch.tv/maluno1 546,134 It's all about the money in Car Demolition Clicker
24 Batprince BatprinceYoutube.com/Batprince 536,012 You have succeeded! in Archery Practice VR
25 Chris Fifty-Two Chris Fifty-TwoBacklog Challenge 2016 19/52 523,217 N in Devade
26 Twistor TwistorLooking for and playing games almost no one else has finished. 485,945 Jeepers Creepers in Terraria
27 Tristetea Tristetea 475,037 Not so Tough (Hardcore) in Melvor Idle
28 yobokkie yobokkiehttps://imgflip.com/i/246p6x 458,690 Rebba's BFF in Gato Roboto
29 MGZ -- Golden Gamer MGZ -- Golden Gamer 424,765 Fast as lightning! in RAYZE Demo
30 Thertex ThertexSi hablas español y buscas completar logros, agregame, seguro que podemos ayudarnos 401,209 Make Syracuse Great Again in Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition
31 dfgarcia dfgarciakeep it clean yo 390,882 Final Descent in Neverending Nightmares
32 C4cTuS C4cTuSAchievements! 384,176 Finish The Hidden Room in The Hidden Room
33 OvErMiNd OvErMiNdLegends are Legends 377,110 Strider in Medieval Dynasty
34 lilcoffeebean lilcoffeebean 362,120 Random drop 2 in Transport Defender
35 Takeshi Takeshi 360,395 Elder calm in Cookie Clicker
36 Siulebuo Siulebuo 359,170 Discovered Trash Coast in Borderlands
37 Pure PureSmashing that backlog down. 352,429 Lazarus in Cookie Clicker
38 Ghatanothoa Ghatanothoa 351,843 Gold Medal in Katana ZERO
39 borandi borandiHow many pointless 3000-plus achievement games are there now? 342,818 COLLECTOR III in Idle Pins
40 Petrucius PetruciusSingle player 339,064 I Have the Power in Assassin's Creed Odyssey
41 firefoxlou92 firefoxlou92 336,753 Heavy ammo in Zombie Hunter
42 DrPixel DrPixelzzzzz 336,302 Street Fighter in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
43 stfN1337 stfN1337Achievement Hunter 334,245 Grass Treasure in Super Dangerous Dungeons
44 Spatvark Spatvark 332,478 The Most Dangerous Game in XCOM 2
45 antonuuu antonuuuPlaying Indie games! 326,156 Astral Introduction in Trine Enchanted Edition
46 SeedofPower SeedofPower 319,182 Painter's Servant in Inscryption
47 Agent47 Agent47 298,555 Real Colonel in Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition
48 RodLima RodLima 297,719 Fortune in Cookie Clicker
49 drui drui 294,443 Hope is but the Last Thing to Die in Moss Destruction
50 leonski goldberg leonski goldberglooking to play dead rising 2 Terror is Reality 294,206 没有喜悦的胜利 in Barrage Musical A Fantasy of Tempest
51 Gazza Gazza 289,885 Sweaty in DiRT 4
52 Brandvsbrand BrandvsbrandLife is a game 287,315 I'll Show Them! I'll Show Them All! in DIRT 5
53 Absynthe AbsyntheGMod Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=600359... 284,144 Resonating Echoes adept in Tower Tactics: Liberation
54 loomkoom loomkoom 279,596 Powdered Neutronium in Legends of IdleOn - Idle MMO
55 Hymnos Hymnos 278,284 The Castaway Banquet in Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA VIII-Lacrimosa of DANA-
56 Deques Deques 270,112 Guardian Slayer 2 in Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos
57 TheHunter1942 TheHunter1942Just your average gamer. 265,306 A Thirst for Knowledge in DEATH STRANDING
58 BornFlemish BornFlemish 263,906 Class: Knight in Knights of Pen and Paper 2
59 HandOfKane HandOfKane 263,572 Fight to Survive in Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II
60 Haoh94 Haoh94 259,665 Inter-raptor Rex in Book of Demons
61 Magrudergrind Magrudergrind 257,621 It's all about the money in Car Demolition Clicker
62 Melnum Melnum 253,721 Halloween Player in Take Thy Throne
63 paulxx62 paulxx62 246,175 Avengers Assembled in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
64 ParsleyParsnips ParsleyParsnipsPlaying SAO 244,940 Master Hunter in New World
65 Quappinger QuappingerNon serviam! 240,358 When Freedom Calls in Fallout 4
66 Markax Markax 236,307 Keep going until I say stop in Cookie Clicker
67 Gummydrop GummydropI wanna be the very best, like no one ever was. 230,847 Giant Slayer in Fallout 76
68 scoser scoser 224,058 Humanitarian in Dead by Daylight
69 StrikerAH StrikerAH 217,317 Menage et Trois in Dead Island
70 Keiran Keiran 216,147 Are you not entertained? in Berzerk Flashback
71 Bruce9000 Bruce9000 214,843 Tachyon Cytoneutralization Explorer in Killing Floor
72 Lightning Lightning 210,386 Milestone 1 in hexceed
73 Darklurker Darklurker 207,655 A grueling adventure comes to a close... in Darkest Dungeon
74 daysocks daysocks 202,717 RU: Upgrade the industry in Zimovniki to level 3 in LOGistICAL: Russia
75 Atebash Atebash 201,963 Back to Where We Started in Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition
76 Xymjak Xymjak 195,731 For 'Mir's Sake in The Hex
77 Aestrom Aestrom 194,163 Interview with the vampire in Vampyr
78 KikiHR KikiHRJust going for more and more achievements... 190,853 5,000 PIECES PLACED! in Pixel Puzzles Illustrations & Anime
79 jaAmber jaAmber 187,249 Proud Parent in Life is Strange: True Colors
80 ReivaX ReivaXTrying to perfect some games from my backlog 185,962 In The Zone Achievement in Airport Madness 4
81 CarbonCarl CarbonCarlhttp://steamcommunity.com/id/CarbonCarl/ 180,763 Logging II: Ready For The Logging Festival in New World
82 ch0colatemilk ch0colatemilk 179,194 Kiosk Item Unlocked: Challenge 58 in Pixel Puzzles Ultimate Jigsaw
83 TheCloser17 TheCloser17 171,867 Voyage into history in Call of Cthulhu
84 Paarf PaarfSad Box that plays games 171,081 Banishment in Hollow Knight
85 Daruk Daruk 169,834 Releaser of Souls in Path of Exile
86 Shidira ShidiraNot dead yet, so that's a plus 168,599 Bone Leaf in Leaf Blower Revolution - Idle Game
87 Schenkel Schenkel 168,522 Oh, you're back in Cookie Clicker
88 nkschlosser nkschlosserI created a thing! :D 165,746 House I: First Time Homeowner in New World
89 cactuz9 cactuz9I think this website is broken. 163,659 Teachers II in Territory Idle
90 LittleStar LittleStar 156,810 Make like a tree in Cookie Clicker
91 Arandis25 Arandis25 152,548 VIP Member in Yakuza 4 Remastered
92 Mr Delval Mr DelvalTwitch.tv/theonlydelval 151,216 Stalwart in Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide
93 Sunnerino Sunnerinobrep 148,831 Bully in Dead Island: Riptide Definitive Edition
94 Enclaver Enclaver 148,819 Complete the forest in One Finger Death Punch 2
95 philf750 philf750 146,198 Panorama in House Flipper
96 Quisty Quisty 145,085 The Zealot in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
97 erc ercThis looks like fun! 143,355 From Madness to Oblivion in Dagon: by H. P. Lovecraft
98 Pixie PixiePretty sure TSA do a nice update every time my pro sub is gonna lapse. BYE SPAM! 143,010 Silver Hunter in Warframe
99 Kanu Kanu 142,585 Medium in Sudoku Jigsaw
100 Mauser Mauser 141,199 Victory Over Yourself in Castlevania Advance Collection