Cake Community Leaderboard! (Steam)

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This leaderboard is based on gamers' Achievements completion %age
Pos Gamer Score Latest achievement
1 Nimmy Nimmy 33.32% Space space space space space in Cookie Clicker
2 KnightsTempest KnightsTempest 30.02% Just Getting Started in FTL: Faster Than Light
3 Vexxsy Vexxsy 27.33% Fae Flayer in Terraria
4 Nooby_Cake Nooby_Cake 21.60% Strongjaw in Alluris
5 LittleGreyWolf LittleGreyWolf 20.86% It's dangerous to go alone. in Titan Quest Anniversary Edition
6 Blargio Blargio 20.81% Future Retro in Fallout 4
7 loxcore loxcorei yam stew peed 20.11% Feeling Petty in Terraria
8 1AllyBear 1AllyBear 19.52% Champion of Terraria in Terraria
9 Zee Zee 19.04% Engineering II: An Hourglass With A Garrote Wire? in New World